Sunday, February 6, 2011

cake anyone?? RA trip 2/6

ok, I walked in with $66 in + ups and left with $69 in + ups ... so I earned $3 in + ups!!

spent - $1.44 + $4.85 tax = $6.29 total cash OOP (so I got all this stuff really for $3.29 including tax!!)
I saved $127.89

8 Betty Crocker cake mixes
8 Betty Crocker frostings
6 Betty Crocker cookie mixes (2 not pictured - I gave them to the cashier)
3 Bio True contact lens solution
8 Bounty Basic paper towels
4 Lysol Neutra Air fabric mist
4 Scrubbing Bubbles
8 mentos
1 lemon extract (on sale)
3 Halls cough drops
1 Milk
1 Red Diamond sweet tea

So I get there at 10 minutes to 8 and notice no one has even opened the store yet.  Usually she gets there around 7:30... so shortly after I get there I see the asst manager pull in.  She starts unlocking the door and waves for me to come on in.  YAY!!  Then she locks the door behind us!  WOO HOO!!  I get RA to myself lol

But she unlocks the door at 8 and about 2 minutes later I see this woman walk in and I can tell she is there for the Betty Crocker stuff.  Yes I took all but 2 of the cake mixes, but I left around 20 cookies, 2-4 cake mixes and about 6 frostings.  She was back there for awhile getting her stuff and I was separating my items into transactions when she came up to the register (allowing asst manager time to get her paperwork done and get the registers ready...) well she had TONS of cookies and a few other things in her cart.  She did like 3 transactions (never offering to let anyone ahead of her ... RUDE) and when she finished and left the store I walked back to the cookies and saw she had taken all but 4 packs.  So I was like wth ... I grabbed the last 4.   The cashier was saying to me earlier she really wanted to get some, but was out of food stamps and she had 3 sick kids at home etc.... so I gave her 2 packs out of the 6 I purchased.  She was thrilled!  Then the same same woman walked back in when I was on my final transaction and walked straight to the back.  She came back empty handed and shot me a dirty look.  REALLY???  You take around 20 packs of cookies and give ME a dirty look when I decide to go back there and get 4 more GIVING 2 OF THEM AWAY!  lol 

whatever woman... I could have cleared the entire shelf before you even arrived so keep your snotty looks to yourself.


  1. You are lucky... by the time I got there, there was only 2 frostings left... I should have gotten there early!!!


  2. yeah, I got there at opening... otherwise I know that other lady would have wiped them out. I may run to the long beach rite aid today... I like getting free food, even if it isnt healthy, it does cut back on the snacks I have to buy which in the long run lowers my food bill.