Friday, February 4, 2011

just daydreaming...

I am having serious 80's withdrawls and flashbacks of my teen years.  I loved high school.  I do not relive those days over and over in my head, but sometimes I miss it.  I miss the carefree days of no kids, responsibilities etc... I love my kids and my husband but there are times I crave a day of being 16 again

1985 to 1988

my blue Volkswagen Rabbit with the crank sunroof ... sneaking out and drinking wine coolers ... only worried about what I was going to wear out that Friday night or who might be there

simple times... no cell phones.  no computers.  happy with whatever you had and didn't really want or need more.  parties every weekend and always a group of friends looking to have some fun!

I do miss those days.  It makes me sad that my kids wont experience the simple things that I did.  They move so fast now.  Nothing really makes them happy for long.  They want more and they want it now.

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