Thursday, December 16, 2010


First I want to start out by saying that I absolutely love living on the MS Gulf Coast... 75 today.  Sunny and 75 on December 16th.  I just love that.  Now granted it could be 35 next week, but I am just enjoying this today!!

ok, Its that time of year again... off to Jackson for state competition for Dance Team!!  I tried to upload the video of their kick dance, but I just got an error message... so if you know how to let me know!!  Its a great dance! 

so good luck girls and bring home another 1st place KICK this year!!

So this morning as I am driving, shortly after dropping the kids off at school and I get a call from the vice principal telling me that Joe is in her office and is spending the day in ISS.  WTH???  I just dropped the kid off?!?!?  How? What? Why?  So she is quickly explaining it and I hang up with the impression he and some friends produced counterfeit money and distributed fliers about some fake disease??  So after I try to absorb everything I have just heard and figure out what is going on, I call her back ... here's the real story. 

Joe and 4 of his friends made up some sort of fake flyer and passed it out around school and taped it up in the bathrooms... Here is what it says:


BHS Foundation for a better life is spreading awareness about Squaids.

SQUAIDS is the spread of AIDS through squirrels and it is very dangerous.

We will be holding an informational program at the school gym at 3:30

free vaccines will be distributed at 613 Old Spanish Trail

Please donate money to the BHS Foundation for a better life to stop the spreading of SQUAIDS

Millions of kids are dying in America and Africa alone from SQUAIDS

We need yor help to stop this disease

December 16th is National SQUAIDS Day. Bring $1 and donate to BHS Foundation for a Better Life.


so ... my son took his finals today in ISS with 5 of his trouble making funny little friends.  That was my excitement for the day... how about you?  Did your kids make you laugh??  And if you dont find this funny, then you are more than likely not the mother of a 13 year old boy.

feeling the need to earn +UPS

Last night I had to take Margaret to Rite Aid.  She needed "longer, thicker fake eyelashes" for competition and some black knee high tights.  Ok, I made $40 at RA I can use my + ups!!  Well we get there and she was like "Oh yeah, mom, I need snacks for the bus and hotel too"  Of course you do... good thing I have my coupon book, only she doesnt want raisins!  She wants Cheetoes, pringles, pistacios and candy ... but I have a coupon for raisins!!  So I am convincing myself to buy it, "oh well ... just do it, buy her what she wants and use the free money you made today on it, who cares!!  it was free money, make your daughter happy"  So I got her $27 (tax inc) worth of stuff, used $3 in coupons, $22 + ups and $2 in cash. 

Wow I feel the need to find more puzzles and Eco tools!!!  haha I really am sick.  Oh and I felt nauseous spending real $$$ at Walmart today.  Rite Aid has turned me into some sort of crazy woman!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bit the bullet and drove 20 miles to the next RA

ok, so I NEVER drive 2 towns over to the next Rite Aid, but I really wanted to see if they had those $0.74 Disney figurines and puzzles... jackpot!! 

Here's the story. Spent   -$0.03 + $3.36 tax = $3.33 total cash OOP
saved $69.56.
But the BEST part I earned $33 more in + ups!!! So it was like making $30 this time! I now have $74 +ups!

I would have $85 + ups but I had Pooh with me today!!  lol
‎17 Disney puzzles
6 Disney figurines
6 rolls of tape
4 boxes of envelopes
10 bath sponge thingies
1 box of candy canes (pooh)
1 nerf ball (pooh)
1 roll of bubble gum tape (pooh)
1 coke (not pictured)  (pooh)

Could Rite Aid be more generous?

Ok I walked in with $33 + ups and walked out with $41 + ups. 
So I made $8 in UPS!!! 
I used my $20 GOS certificate too and I spent $0.32 + $3.94 tax = $4.26 total cash OOP.  Saved $97.09!!

I am very happy with my purchases!! 

‎1 milk

1 tea
1 4 pk of Reeses PB cups
2 Pringles
2 bags of Dove chocolates
3 bags of peppermint bark chocolate bells (fillers - I had too much overage and had to grab 3 things real quick)
2 packs of nail files
2 tweezers
2 nail buffer thingys
2 Ziacam spray
5 Advil Congestion

(can you tell I had my 4 yr old with me??  lol)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stocking stuffers for my teens~!

What a great deal at Rite Aid!  I didnt even notice it Sunday!  Good thing there were some left by the time I got up there at 9 am Monday morning!! 

$0.88 + $1.26 tax = $2.14 OOP

(I use $8.50 + ups with each transaction and did 2 transactions and paid $1.07 OOP each time, but earned $15 ups each time too!!  What a great way to earn ups!!)

I walked in with $20 + ups and left with $33 + ups. I made appx $11 purchasing these 12 items!! I know you are sick of hearing this, but I LOVE RITE AID!!!

(ps NO COUPONS USED!!! just used my + ups to pay for these and earned back more ups than I used!!)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Rite Aid does it again!!

What a great ad this week for Rite Aid!!!  24 pages??  wow... I had a benefit to attend for a friend Saturday night and had a little too much to drink so my brain was not into figuring out the deals!!  But I am sure I will go back today or tomorrow to see if I can do some more great buys!  Here is what I did...

$5.96 + $3.46 tax = $9.42 OOP
saved $97.81
started with $11 + UPS and left with $24 + UPS! I made money today!! :)

ok I ran up to Rite Aid and did a few small transactions. But when I got home I completely freaked out and decided I needed 8 more candles. So there are 2 pictures. haha  I had to run back up there and I am even thinking I may go get more candles I have a few more coupons lol.

12 Airwick candles
5 Revlon nail clippers
5 Revlon emory boards
2 - 3 pk of RA tape
2 Colgate Sensitive toothpaste

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fall Dance Recital 2010

I love to watch Moo dance.  She is so beautiful.  But last night she was struggling with that cast.  I hope she gets used to it and can get it right by competition in 2 weeks!!  :)  regardless, she danced beautifully even with a few slip ups!  She had to be taken out of 1 dance due to too much wrist action and it looks like she will be sitting out of that one for competition too.  Dr says ABSOLUTELY no using the wrist, pushing, pulling etc for 6 weeks.  The coach is awesome and listened!!  Thank you coach!  Moo is stubborn and thinks she can do it all ...   today... OPENING SOCCER DAY!  this should be funny ... 4-6 year olds on the soccer field.  lol

Friday, December 3, 2010

ok... a little down time

Today Jordan turns 18.  He is my 15 year old daughter's boyfriend.  While I really like him and think he is a great boy, I dont like the fact that my baby girl is dating an 18 year old.  But neither does Jordans mother.  She called me a little freaked out.  She wants me to call a dr and make sure Margaret gets some sort of "protection".  Ok, yes I know its time to start thinking on those lines, but not really liking the fact that she told me her son has "too much to lose" if Margaret gets pregnant.  Like Margaret doesnt???  She also said "I love Margaret to death so dont take this the wrong way, but Margaret has him just where she wants him, under her thumb" and she isnt real crazy about that either.  Wow really?  Because I was sort of thinking that Jordan had Mar right where he wanted her.  He even told her he wanted her to go to the same college as him, made her promise.  I am not freaking over it because that is 2 years away and I really doubt they will survive the long distance relationship thing.  He has talked to a college way up north... like PA or something.  But more than likely will be somewhere close.  There are a couple schools in LA paying attention to him, one in TN, AR and a few in MS.  Bama is not happening. 

But, honestly, I was a little insulted.  Yes, her son is more than likely playing college ball.  Pro?  Probably not.  I mean be realistic here people, the chances of going pro are like 1 in a million.  Yes, he is a big boy, but I am not thinking that Margaret is going to be the one to hold him back from going pro.  GEEZ she isnt even holding him back from going to any college that invites him to play.  If he ends up 800 miles away, then he ends up 800 miles away.  She knows that could happen and she isnt begging him to stay close to home. 

I just didnt like the way she insinuated that my daughter would intentionally hold Jordan back.  Either by getting prego on purpose or tell him not to leave her.  Margaret has dreams too... albeit more realistic dreams, but she would love to go to college on a dance and/or volleyball scholarship.  She really wants to play for a junior college not too far from home.  (she says she is scared to go too far lol... and honestly, I think those dreams are realistic.)  Then if she does well, maybe a bigger college will offer her a scholarship to dance at their school.  I am hoping Ole Miss!!!  :)  I think she would make a gorgeous Rebelette!!

Well I just needed to get that off my chest.  It was insulting and it hurt my feelings. 

Now I have to go pick up some bouquets of flowers to give to Margaret tonight at her dance recital.  I love watching her dance.  Oh and we went and got cast #3 put on this morning... big time breakage in the wrist still  :(

2 more trips and saved another $41.77... great week of savings though

No pictures from Wags... but I had to go take advantage of the $0.49 BIC Luminere lighters!  I LOVE candles and we use up those lighters quick!  So I bought 5!!  They are on sale for $2.99 and I used the $1.50 manu coupon with the $1 Wags coupon and paid $0.49 each!!  They usually go for over $3 each at Walmart... I was pretty excited!!  I also got 3 bags of christmas cookies at $0.99 each with their in ad coupon and 3 boxes of envelopes for $0.59 each, again with their in ad coupon. 

total OOP with tax $10.07 and saved like $28 (cant find the reciept lol)

1 trip to Rite Aid again  ... no picture for one and that one I wasnt super happy with, but I went in unprepared...

ughh forgot to get candy canes for the tree... so had to go back to rite aid. I cant just walk in and buy 5 boxes of candy canes. I got 5 boxes of candy canes, 2 lysol sprays,  5 tic tacs,  1 covergirl cover up stick, and  3 rolls of wrapping paper.

total spent OOP $0.94 (inc tax)  and saved $31.71 (no photo everything was grabbed up lol)  The bad part, I used $8 + ups and earned $1 up.  So I have $8 ups left.

I have not had time to look at the new Rite Aid ad yet, but I sure hope there are some good deals Sunday!! 
Today is going to be crazy busy ... off I go to start my whirlwind of a day!!  Hope you have a great weekend!