Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saved $29.18 @ Walmart today!

If you read my blog regularly, you know we have no real grocery store in town.  This weekend I headed out to Gulfport and went to the only store on the coast that offers double coupon.  I saved about $12 and spent $24 so not too bad.  Then I went to this new store that opened up called Froogals.  They had some really great prices on some items and I spent $66 on groceries.  I believe about $5 something on tax ... It was $71.XX ... but there there was a $7.12 fee added on to the final bill.  Wow ... ok, I still came out ahead, but it costs me around $10 in gas to drive there and back ... so with gas I figured I spent about $112 total.  Eyeballing what I brought home I would say it would have cost me around $175 at Walmart.  Was it really worth it??  Maybe.  I really just felt like getting out of the house and out of this town for a couple hours ... so it was worth it that day.  But I am not sure I will do it often. 

Today I finished up my shopping with stuff I needed, but didnt see a great deal on at the other stores (the double coupon store was CRAZY expensive on at least half their stock).  I spent $92 at Walmart.  I saved $29.18 price matching and on coupons.  ($8 on coupons and $21.18 price matching other stores meat sale prices)  We are set for about 2 weeks.  Maybe.  I just got word my almost 7 foot tall cousin is driving in Sunday from GA.  He is staying with us for 4 days... He is young... maybe 25???  I am sure he eats a TON!  And, my dad is still here... which adds a little to the food bill.  But my goal was to stay around or under $100 a week and I have been meeting and some weeks even staying under that ... so I am happy!!! 

No picture ... but lots of meat for dinners and breakfast foods (pancake/waffle mixes, bisquick for bicuits and gravy, syrup...) tomatoes, french bread, stuff to make roast beef poboys ... lots of good stuff for meals.

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