Monday, November 15, 2010

Been MIA ... saved just under $700 last week in 2 Rite Aid trips and 1 grocery trip!!

I have been doing so much online comparison shopping and actual shopping that I am tired of being on the computer!  lol  I have been MIA long enough and need to get back into things here  :) 

Last Sunday I did great at Rite Aid

 I spent $14.54 OOP (inc tax) and saved $222.33. At Walgreens I spent $8.76 OOP and saved $8.48. So I saved $230.81. Not my best job, but I burned through all my + ups last week on stupid things. Thats why you really should buy + up items with your + ups. ohhh well.

I went to Walmart Wednesday to do some grocery shopping  (no picture) and spent $177.72  I saved $95.58.  $37.03 in coupons and $58.55 price matching!  That was the best I have done at Walmart so far!  I was pretty excited!!  :)  I picked up alot of stuff I dont normally buy, junk food for baking, which there are alot of coupons for and snacks for the kids.  I also price matched a bunch of meat since I hadnt done any real grocery shopping in almost 3 weeks!!!  My freezer was getting bare!  lol 

And, finally yesterday's Rite Aid trip ... the best I think I have ever done!  I spent total OOP - $19.38. Total merchandise - $8.25 Total tax - $11.13

TOTAL SAVED : $360.89!
Rite Aid has been amazing the past couple months.  I look at the Walgreens and CVS ads and there is just no comparison!  My stock pile is really growing!  I am planning on purchasing a metal cabinet at Lowes on Black Friday for $49 to store my stuff in!  I am starting to look like a hoarder lol.  I need to find some great tampon and women's deodorant deals soon though!  I am stocked for a year on mens deodorant and bodywash lol

I hope to get back into posting on my blog regularly since I have finished 90-95% of my Christmas shopping!  The UPS man has been here just about everyday for the past week and a half with many more visits left to come :)  It feels great!!

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