Monday, September 20, 2010

Nothing super exciting to discuss.

Cleaning my 4 year old daughters bedroom today!  It looks like a tornado went through it!  Those Air Wick iMotion fresheners I bought yesterday are awesome!!!  My house smells great!  lol ... usually I can smell my dog when I get up and I hate that!  This morning I smelled freshness  :)  it was a welcomed change lol

I was told by my daughter that homecoming court will be announced today.  So waiting for her to text me the news.  But she also told me that they had students and teachers do the nominating this year and there was 36 sophomore girls on the list and they each voted for 2.  haha Thats spreading the votes pretty thin.  I hope she realizes it wont be easy.  I mean really someone could win with just 10 votes lol.  They don't have a big class.  There could be a 5 way tie with 5 votes each and have to do a run off lol.  Well I am sure she will be disappointed if she doesn't get it but definitely not devastated.  I think more than wanting to actually be on it she just doesn't want a certain girl on it lol.  Its funny how fake high school kids can be, especially girls.  She really doesn't like this girl at all anymore.  They used to be joined at the hip a couple years ago, but well teenage girls are fickle that way.  So anyway this weekend she says "UGHH  omg "unwanted homecoming court girl" wants me to come over tonight!  I really don't want to but she is begging me."  Just tell her I said you cant you might have pink eye... which was totally true, but ended up being a cold in her eye....  So I am pretty proud of Margaret for recognizing who she wants as friends and who aren't "worthy".  ps:  this girl has stabbed her the back numerous times and ditched her for "a better time"  on more than one occasion.  She also thinks she has this in the bag, which she might, but really do you go announcing it before the results are announced?  lol

ohh well.  Here's hoping for a whole new set of fresh faces on the homecoming court this year!

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