Thursday, December 16, 2010


First I want to start out by saying that I absolutely love living on the MS Gulf Coast... 75 today.  Sunny and 75 on December 16th.  I just love that.  Now granted it could be 35 next week, but I am just enjoying this today!!

ok, Its that time of year again... off to Jackson for state competition for Dance Team!!  I tried to upload the video of their kick dance, but I just got an error message... so if you know how to let me know!!  Its a great dance! 

so good luck girls and bring home another 1st place KICK this year!!

So this morning as I am driving, shortly after dropping the kids off at school and I get a call from the vice principal telling me that Joe is in her office and is spending the day in ISS.  WTH???  I just dropped the kid off?!?!?  How? What? Why?  So she is quickly explaining it and I hang up with the impression he and some friends produced counterfeit money and distributed fliers about some fake disease??  So after I try to absorb everything I have just heard and figure out what is going on, I call her back ... here's the real story. 

Joe and 4 of his friends made up some sort of fake flyer and passed it out around school and taped it up in the bathrooms... Here is what it says:


BHS Foundation for a better life is spreading awareness about Squaids.

SQUAIDS is the spread of AIDS through squirrels and it is very dangerous.

We will be holding an informational program at the school gym at 3:30

free vaccines will be distributed at 613 Old Spanish Trail

Please donate money to the BHS Foundation for a better life to stop the spreading of SQUAIDS

Millions of kids are dying in America and Africa alone from SQUAIDS

We need yor help to stop this disease

December 16th is National SQUAIDS Day. Bring $1 and donate to BHS Foundation for a Better Life.


so ... my son took his finals today in ISS with 5 of his trouble making funny little friends.  That was my excitement for the day... how about you?  Did your kids make you laugh??  And if you dont find this funny, then you are more than likely not the mother of a 13 year old boy.

feeling the need to earn +UPS

Last night I had to take Margaret to Rite Aid.  She needed "longer, thicker fake eyelashes" for competition and some black knee high tights.  Ok, I made $40 at RA I can use my + ups!!  Well we get there and she was like "Oh yeah, mom, I need snacks for the bus and hotel too"  Of course you do... good thing I have my coupon book, only she doesnt want raisins!  She wants Cheetoes, pringles, pistacios and candy ... but I have a coupon for raisins!!  So I am convincing myself to buy it, "oh well ... just do it, buy her what she wants and use the free money you made today on it, who cares!!  it was free money, make your daughter happy"  So I got her $27 (tax inc) worth of stuff, used $3 in coupons, $22 + ups and $2 in cash. 

Wow I feel the need to find more puzzles and Eco tools!!!  haha I really am sick.  Oh and I felt nauseous spending real $$$ at Walmart today.  Rite Aid has turned me into some sort of crazy woman!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bit the bullet and drove 20 miles to the next RA

ok, so I NEVER drive 2 towns over to the next Rite Aid, but I really wanted to see if they had those $0.74 Disney figurines and puzzles... jackpot!! 

Here's the story. Spent   -$0.03 + $3.36 tax = $3.33 total cash OOP
saved $69.56.
But the BEST part I earned $33 more in + ups!!! So it was like making $30 this time! I now have $74 +ups!

I would have $85 + ups but I had Pooh with me today!!  lol
‎17 Disney puzzles
6 Disney figurines
6 rolls of tape
4 boxes of envelopes
10 bath sponge thingies
1 box of candy canes (pooh)
1 nerf ball (pooh)
1 roll of bubble gum tape (pooh)
1 coke (not pictured)  (pooh)

Could Rite Aid be more generous?

Ok I walked in with $33 + ups and walked out with $41 + ups. 
So I made $8 in UPS!!! 
I used my $20 GOS certificate too and I spent $0.32 + $3.94 tax = $4.26 total cash OOP.  Saved $97.09!!

I am very happy with my purchases!! 

‎1 milk

1 tea
1 4 pk of Reeses PB cups
2 Pringles
2 bags of Dove chocolates
3 bags of peppermint bark chocolate bells (fillers - I had too much overage and had to grab 3 things real quick)
2 packs of nail files
2 tweezers
2 nail buffer thingys
2 Ziacam spray
5 Advil Congestion

(can you tell I had my 4 yr old with me??  lol)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stocking stuffers for my teens~!

What a great deal at Rite Aid!  I didnt even notice it Sunday!  Good thing there were some left by the time I got up there at 9 am Monday morning!! 

$0.88 + $1.26 tax = $2.14 OOP

(I use $8.50 + ups with each transaction and did 2 transactions and paid $1.07 OOP each time, but earned $15 ups each time too!!  What a great way to earn ups!!)

I walked in with $20 + ups and left with $33 + ups. I made appx $11 purchasing these 12 items!! I know you are sick of hearing this, but I LOVE RITE AID!!!

(ps NO COUPONS USED!!! just used my + ups to pay for these and earned back more ups than I used!!)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Rite Aid does it again!!

What a great ad this week for Rite Aid!!!  24 pages??  wow... I had a benefit to attend for a friend Saturday night and had a little too much to drink so my brain was not into figuring out the deals!!  But I am sure I will go back today or tomorrow to see if I can do some more great buys!  Here is what I did...

$5.96 + $3.46 tax = $9.42 OOP
saved $97.81
started with $11 + UPS and left with $24 + UPS! I made money today!! :)

ok I ran up to Rite Aid and did a few small transactions. But when I got home I completely freaked out and decided I needed 8 more candles. So there are 2 pictures. haha  I had to run back up there and I am even thinking I may go get more candles I have a few more coupons lol.

12 Airwick candles
5 Revlon nail clippers
5 Revlon emory boards
2 - 3 pk of RA tape
2 Colgate Sensitive toothpaste

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fall Dance Recital 2010

I love to watch Moo dance.  She is so beautiful.  But last night she was struggling with that cast.  I hope she gets used to it and can get it right by competition in 2 weeks!!  :)  regardless, she danced beautifully even with a few slip ups!  She had to be taken out of 1 dance due to too much wrist action and it looks like she will be sitting out of that one for competition too.  Dr says ABSOLUTELY no using the wrist, pushing, pulling etc for 6 weeks.  The coach is awesome and listened!!  Thank you coach!  Moo is stubborn and thinks she can do it all ...   today... OPENING SOCCER DAY!  this should be funny ... 4-6 year olds on the soccer field.  lol

Friday, December 3, 2010

ok... a little down time

Today Jordan turns 18.  He is my 15 year old daughter's boyfriend.  While I really like him and think he is a great boy, I dont like the fact that my baby girl is dating an 18 year old.  But neither does Jordans mother.  She called me a little freaked out.  She wants me to call a dr and make sure Margaret gets some sort of "protection".  Ok, yes I know its time to start thinking on those lines, but not really liking the fact that she told me her son has "too much to lose" if Margaret gets pregnant.  Like Margaret doesnt???  She also said "I love Margaret to death so dont take this the wrong way, but Margaret has him just where she wants him, under her thumb" and she isnt real crazy about that either.  Wow really?  Because I was sort of thinking that Jordan had Mar right where he wanted her.  He even told her he wanted her to go to the same college as him, made her promise.  I am not freaking over it because that is 2 years away and I really doubt they will survive the long distance relationship thing.  He has talked to a college way up north... like PA or something.  But more than likely will be somewhere close.  There are a couple schools in LA paying attention to him, one in TN, AR and a few in MS.  Bama is not happening. 

But, honestly, I was a little insulted.  Yes, her son is more than likely playing college ball.  Pro?  Probably not.  I mean be realistic here people, the chances of going pro are like 1 in a million.  Yes, he is a big boy, but I am not thinking that Margaret is going to be the one to hold him back from going pro.  GEEZ she isnt even holding him back from going to any college that invites him to play.  If he ends up 800 miles away, then he ends up 800 miles away.  She knows that could happen and she isnt begging him to stay close to home. 

I just didnt like the way she insinuated that my daughter would intentionally hold Jordan back.  Either by getting prego on purpose or tell him not to leave her.  Margaret has dreams too... albeit more realistic dreams, but she would love to go to college on a dance and/or volleyball scholarship.  She really wants to play for a junior college not too far from home.  (she says she is scared to go too far lol... and honestly, I think those dreams are realistic.)  Then if she does well, maybe a bigger college will offer her a scholarship to dance at their school.  I am hoping Ole Miss!!!  :)  I think she would make a gorgeous Rebelette!!

Well I just needed to get that off my chest.  It was insulting and it hurt my feelings. 

Now I have to go pick up some bouquets of flowers to give to Margaret tonight at her dance recital.  I love watching her dance.  Oh and we went and got cast #3 put on this morning... big time breakage in the wrist still  :(

2 more trips and saved another $41.77... great week of savings though

No pictures from Wags... but I had to go take advantage of the $0.49 BIC Luminere lighters!  I LOVE candles and we use up those lighters quick!  So I bought 5!!  They are on sale for $2.99 and I used the $1.50 manu coupon with the $1 Wags coupon and paid $0.49 each!!  They usually go for over $3 each at Walmart... I was pretty excited!!  I also got 3 bags of christmas cookies at $0.99 each with their in ad coupon and 3 boxes of envelopes for $0.59 each, again with their in ad coupon. 

total OOP with tax $10.07 and saved like $28 (cant find the reciept lol)

1 trip to Rite Aid again  ... no picture for one and that one I wasnt super happy with, but I went in unprepared...

ughh forgot to get candy canes for the tree... so had to go back to rite aid. I cant just walk in and buy 5 boxes of candy canes. I got 5 boxes of candy canes, 2 lysol sprays,  5 tic tacs,  1 covergirl cover up stick, and  3 rolls of wrapping paper.

total spent OOP $0.94 (inc tax)  and saved $31.71 (no photo everything was grabbed up lol)  The bad part, I used $8 + ups and earned $1 up.  So I have $8 ups left.

I have not had time to look at the new Rite Aid ad yet, but I sure hope there are some good deals Sunday!! 
Today is going to be crazy busy ... off I go to start my whirlwind of a day!!  Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

$0.87 OOP - Only used $1 UP!

I cant say this enough... I LOVE RITE AID!! 

Spent $0.87 OOP and $1 UP

‎10 boxes of school snacks

6 bags of candy

2 crazy glues

1 Nexxus hairspray

1 Oxy pads w/ pimple medicine

2 - 3 D foam things for stocking stuffers for pooh lol
SAVED $74.66

Monday, November 29, 2010

A love hate relationship...

So I have a love hate relationship with the town I live in.  I love living in a small town and I absolutely HATE living in a small gossiping town.  But you have to take the good with the bad I suppose. 

So Friday Moos boyfriend is turning 18 and he has been after me for a few months telling me that I need to sign a contract when he turns 18 promising I wont have him arrested hahaha.  If you lived in my town, and knew me back in high school, you would understand why this is so funny to me.  My dad had Sam (my husband) arrested in 1986.  I was 15 and Sam was 18.... or maybe we were 16 and 19??  I cant remember... anyway, it has Jordan nervous. 

I am already known as the hardass mom.  The strict mom that everyone is afraid of.  Well, if he REALLY knew me he would know I would never call the cops and have him arrested.  If he ever did anything that would make me want him arrested he would WISH the cops were all he had to deal with after getting done with me :)

So right now I am looking for a cop to go to his house Friday morning.  He turns 18 on Friday and I want to get a cop to go over there before he leaves for school pretending I am having him arrested lol.  I know a couple cops around here, but they are in Waveland ... one town over (but basically the same town,  2 small towns that share schools and blend together).  I want it to look real and I when he comes out in cuffs Margaret and I will be outside with balloons and his gifts VIDEOTAPING him lol.  Ok so I am a little twisted... I think it would be hilarious.

Good News ...Bad news

The good news is I am pretty much done with my shopping for the kids.  Its nice to have it done.  I still have tons of wrapping to do, but with the exception of stocking stuffers and a couple more gifts I am done!

The bad news... I am broke.  LOL  I cant do any Cyber Monday shopping.  I found a couple things I wanted to buy and my husband looked at me before he left for work and said, nope you have to wait til payday Thursday!!  Well I really dont think there is a Cyber Thursday darling!  :(  have fun out there getting all those deals!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Time for an intervention

Trip #2 today.

I was told this afternoon by my favorite cashier that there will be a special sale every week til Christmas from Thursday - Saturday.  Wow... double the work and savings!!!

ok, so here is trip number 2 today.  It was done in one transaction.  I didnt bring my coupon book with me this morning and there were Olay body lotions 50% off. Paired with that great $5 off wyb Olay & Secret coupon, it was a money maker for me! (love those little travel size deodorants to give the girls to put in their purse!!)

‎5 Olay Body Lotions (on clearance 50% 0ff)

5 travel size Secret deodorants

3 Oral B toothbrushes

1 Crest 3d White toothpaste

2 bags of Dove Peppermint bark chocolates

I got the chocolates because I had way too much overage with my coupons and they wont give cash back, I had to get like $6 to fill in for my coupons!

-$0.92 + $2.30 tax = $1.38 OOP
saved $70.46

I did not use any + ups and I made 1 + up so really it was like paying $0.38 for everything!!!

This morning I had no + UPS at all.  Now I have $16 and I only spent (including tax) $15.26.  So everything really was free today.  Amazing, truly amazing!!!! 

Can you say ADDICT??

ok 2 trips to Rite Aid today!  I can not say this enough  I LOVE THAT STORE!!!!!!

Trip #1

4 transactions.  I started with no UPS because my sweet Pooh NEEDED a pillow pet from Santa and I used my ups last week!  So here is what I got!  If you have questions on which coupons I used or how I did it I am happy to answer, but I am thinking not too many people actually read through this lol ... I did find out there seems to be a limit of 2 on the Crest Oral B deal.  The 2/$5 with 1+ ups back.  I got my $1 + up this morning and I went back this afternoon and bought 3 more toothbrushes and a toothpaste and only got 1 more + up.  Let me know if yall are coming across that too.  Its not advertised in the ad.

‎2 Oral B toothbrushes

2 Gillette Gift Packs (razor, shaving cream, body wash)

2 Gillette Fusion ProGlide power razors

18 Gillette deodorants (yes a lot, but I was down to 8 and it goes quick)

1 sweet tea
Spent $7.31 + $6.57 tax = $13.88 OOP
saved $150.84.
Walked in with ZERO + ups and left with $15 + ups and a $10 off certificate to!!
So basically I got paid to take it all out of the store!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Why do I bother going to WAGS?

Ran to Walgreens... not sure why really, I hate that place ughhh all their limits and rules. But here is what I got. ignore all the ads on my bed lol I am plotting my Black Friday trips. Spent $8.66 + $1.52 tax = $10.18 OOP saved $40.60

‎6 rolls of wrapping paper
3- 3 packs of scotch tape (GREAT DEAL!!!  $3 at Walmart, $3.50 at Kmart.  $0.99 with in ad Q at WAGS)
1 can Herbal Essence hairspray
1 pack of Gum Flossers
4 pack of BIC disposable razors (for the girls to take when spending the night out, hate my good ones disappearing!!!)
1 Colgate Total
1 Vapor inhaler(stuffy nose for pooh & nothing is working)

Thanksgiving Day

I had a nice relaxing day with my kids and husband today!  Seriously the most stress I had was when I grabbed the wrong nuts at Rite Aid and not only didn't get my + ups but paid FULL PRICE!!  lol  well if that was the most stressful thing to happen in my day I welcome it!  :) 

Dinner turned out great!!  The stuffing was my favorite, and appropriately named "stuffing" because it did its job well. 

I went to Rite Aid at 9 am when they opened.  Wow lots of people go to Rite Aid on Thanksgiving day.  I got most of what I went in for and besides a couple glitches it went well.  Since there were so many people in and out it took forever!!  I don't like to hold up lines so I just waited around until it cleared out and did a transaction.  Stepped aside, got my next transaction ready to go and waited til the coast was clear... it took forever,  6 transactions 1 hour and 40 minutes lol.  Here is my loot. 

‎3 - 4 packs of Cottonelle toilet paper
2 - Revlon Ionic hair dryers
1 Conair hair trimmer
1 pink piggy bank
1 Pillow Pet
12 Vaseline lotions
4 boxes of cereal
2 Colgate toothpaste
10 candy bars
1 box of Pot O Gold chocolates
4 Secret deodorants (YAY! women's!!)
2 Nyquil
2 shaving gels
1 tin of butter cookies
2 cans of Planters nuts
1 Old Spice body spray (Joe loves this stuff lol)
Spent $21.08 + $8.35 tax = $29.63 OOP Saved $221.39!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2 NEED only trips to Rite Aid

ok, no pictures since everything was either delivered or grabbed up the minute I walked through the door!  I hate having to spend so much but my sweet 15 and 13 year olds faces both broke out this week!!  UGHHH 

Trip #1

2 tubes of Clearasil Ultra medicated cream - $10.99 - $8.49 each (with my 20% disc)
2 Pepridge farm cookies - $1.99 each
1 gallon of milk - $2.39 (with 20% off)
4 Bubble tape bubble gum BOGO - (promised Pooh she could get some)- $1.29 each


2 - $2 in RA ad Q off Clearasil
2 - $1 off Clearasil Q
2- $1 off Pepridge Farm Q
1 - $5 off $25 Q
1 - $2 rebate check from Gillette

$12.18 OOP - did not use any + ups because I wasnt earning any, and I had them all ready for Thanksgiving Day sales in my plan already! 

Saved $25.18

Trip #2 - for my sweet friend Ellen going through Chemo right now.  She can only stomach Welch's 100% pure White Grape Juice and mentioned she couldnt find it at Walmart...

4 - Welch's White grape juice - sale $2.99
2 Planters nuts - sale $3.99
1 chocolate covered cherry - $0.26


$4 off $20 Q
2 - $1 off Welchs juice (I only had 2 Qs)
1 - $1 off 2 Planters Nuts
$5 in + ups

total OOP - $9.33
total + ups earned $9.00

Saved $28.37

I normally would never spend $21 on so few items, but all were needed and I still saved over $51.  I know I am getting spoiled by my Rite Aid deals when I feel like spending $21 and saving $51 is a let down hahaha

I am so happy and grateful I was able to find my beautiful friend the juice she needs and a can of cashews to give her the energy she needs to make it through the day.  Praying she beats this awful lung cancer and is able to watch her children grow up get married and have beautiful grand babies!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This insomnia is killing me.  What I wouldnt do to be able to sleep til 5:30 again. 

I am cleaning a house today and then off the rest of the week.  I hope I can get a few great buys for Christmas.  I am planning to go to RA to pick up a few gifts.  Pooh MUST have her Pillow Pet and I FINALLY made it to the gold level and can get it for 20% off!!!  WOO HOO!!! 

There are just no Black Friday ads jumping out at me this year.  Maybe if I see them in real life print it will do something for me.  Reading it online isnt. 

I am happy its just us this year for Thanksgiving.  I am just not in the mood to be surrounded by people.  I have been slipping into an anti social mode for quite some time and part of me likes it.  I know Sam is getting tired of it.  He is very social, I just cant get back into it.  Even a day at the movie theater just seems like too much some days!  But I think the longer I hide out in this cave the harder it is to get back out there.  I need to stop hiding and go back into the real world, outside of Walmart and Rite Aid that is. 

My early New Years Resolution is to accept invitations to social events more and get out of the house to enjoy life more!! 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Walmart savings

oh and I had to go to Walmart today too (after cleaning for my new client).  I spent $70.07 and saved $28.58! 

My husband and our son are out fishing right now!  We are down to 2 bags of fish in the deep freeze!  The lowest we have been since they lifted the fishing ban after the oil spill!  Oh I sure hope they are catching some.  But I have a sinking feeling they aren't.  He said he would call if they were biting so Pooh & I could join them... no call yet...


I am seriously the worst blogger ever!!  I started out so determined and enjoyed it so much... oh well tis the season.  Maybe after all the commotion I will get back on track!  Thanks for following me everyone!  I cant believe I am almost to 70 followers!  I think I have gotten more followers since I slowed down on the posts haha. 

OHHH  I picked up a new house today (cleaning for you new followers)!  woo hoo!!  $$$$  She told me she has a friend looking too!  Please God, I know you will provide, but could we pick up the pace just a tad  ;)  jkjkjk!!!  I am so very grateful to all He provides and I feel incredibly blessed!  I hope you are all having a fabulous holiday season so far and are taking time to realize everything you have to be thankful for!! 

Thursday morning I plan to pop the turkey in the oven and head out to Rite Aid to get my amazing deals!!  If all works out the way I planned I should end up paying $32 (including tax) for about $240 worth of goodies!!  Super excited and hope they have it all in stock! 

I am so incredibly thankful for my husband, children and well my entire family and my amazing friends!  I dont know how I would survive without every single one of them!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Been MIA ... saved just under $700 last week in 2 Rite Aid trips and 1 grocery trip!!

I have been doing so much online comparison shopping and actual shopping that I am tired of being on the computer!  lol  I have been MIA long enough and need to get back into things here  :) 

Last Sunday I did great at Rite Aid

 I spent $14.54 OOP (inc tax) and saved $222.33. At Walgreens I spent $8.76 OOP and saved $8.48. So I saved $230.81. Not my best job, but I burned through all my + ups last week on stupid things. Thats why you really should buy + up items with your + ups. ohhh well.

I went to Walmart Wednesday to do some grocery shopping  (no picture) and spent $177.72  I saved $95.58.  $37.03 in coupons and $58.55 price matching!  That was the best I have done at Walmart so far!  I was pretty excited!!  :)  I picked up alot of stuff I dont normally buy, junk food for baking, which there are alot of coupons for and snacks for the kids.  I also price matched a bunch of meat since I hadnt done any real grocery shopping in almost 3 weeks!!!  My freezer was getting bare!  lol 

And, finally yesterday's Rite Aid trip ... the best I think I have ever done!  I spent total OOP - $19.38. Total merchandise - $8.25 Total tax - $11.13

TOTAL SAVED : $360.89!
Rite Aid has been amazing the past couple months.  I look at the Walgreens and CVS ads and there is just no comparison!  My stock pile is really growing!  I am planning on purchasing a metal cabinet at Lowes on Black Friday for $49 to store my stuff in!  I am starting to look like a hoarder lol.  I need to find some great tampon and women's deodorant deals soon though!  I am stocked for a year on mens deodorant and bodywash lol

I hope to get back into posting on my blog regularly since I have finished 90-95% of my Christmas shopping!  The UPS man has been here just about everyday for the past week and a half with many more visits left to come :)  It feels great!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

OHHH what a week... $0.16 Philly Cream Cheese!!

ok, I have had a crazy week and have not had time to post.  First, my daughter broke her wrist Monday night... that pretty much sums up my week.  Dr visits and lots of catering to her.  Cleaned 3 houses and just seemed to be always running around.  But I went to Rite Aid and Walmart today.  I spent all my + ups!!  I dont know why really I just did.  I didnt really need anything except milk and tea (cheaper than Walmart, but I felt like spending them and starting over so I bought all the candles they had on the clearance table (8 total) and 6 Pantenes and 2 Fantastic cleaners.  Spent like $2.80ish OOP and all my plus ups.  $15 in the first transaction and the $7 I earned in the first transaction I used in transaction #2. 

Then I went to Walmart and spent $17 and saved $25 using only coupons because the paper I picked up Wednesday night had no ads in it so I couldnt price match!!!  ughhhh  I forgot to pick up a paper and at like 8 pm ran to the corner market ... empty.  Went all over town and not a paper to be found.  Finally at my 9th stop there was one paper left in the box.  The one they use in the window... I got it and went home, no ads in it.  Just my luck. 

So my Walmart had Philly cream cheese marked down to $1.16!!!  I had 2 $5 off 5 Kraft product coupons in my binder.  I got 7 cream cheese and 3 bags of shredded cheese!! 

Today I spent $19.90 OOP and saved $80.26.  Pretty significant savings!!!  I was happy, just bummed I have no + ups to start out with next week.  Time to look at the ad and get creative! 

its hard to see all I got in this picture here is the list all for $19.90 :

7 Philly cream cheese
3 packs of Kraft shredded cheese
1 milk
1 tea
3 Pantene Shampoos
3 Pantene Conditioners
2 Renuzit cone air fresheners
8 candles
2 Fantastic cleaners
2 packs pepperoni
2 coffee mate creamers
2 bell peppers
6 bananas
5 Pillsbury crescent rolls
1 lb of coffee

Sunday, October 31, 2010

4 transactions at Rite Aid

Since I have a few things to do still before trick or treating, I dont have time to post.  But I had some rocky transactions at Rite Aid today.  Thankfully the cashiers love me and we got it all worked out, but 2 hours at Rite Aid on a Sunday morning is just crazy!  I will post it all tomorrow.  If you had problems with the diabetic $30 deal working please share your story! 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Rite Aid trip #2 this week

I went to get my Nivea Happy Sensations lotions.  Still none!  They delivery truck came today with no lotions!  I was not happy.  Oh well... we needed milk and tea, again.  Surely I can make a deal happen without my lotions! 

This is what i got (no picture sorry!!) 

1 gallon of milk - $2.52
1 gallon sweet tea - $2.69
NYC eye shadow - $3.99
NYC mascara - $3.99
2 NYC nail polish - BOGO free with eye make up this week - $0
2 RA brand nose spray (BOGO) - $5.49
1 can Extreme Pringles - $2.29
2 bags Wonderful Pistachios - $5.98

coupons used

BOGO NYC eye make up free
1 free can of pringles (up to $2)
2 - $1 off Wonderful Pistachios
$5 off $25
$12 + ups

paid appx $3.60 on my gift card (inc tax)
Saved $38 (ish) with wellness card, coupons and + ups.  (cant find my receipt)
spent $12 + ups
earned $5 + ups

not my best trip, but Rite Aid has the lowest prices on milk and tea in town!  we also go through lots of nose spray so I really wanted the BOGO deal!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

another day another dollar...

my AdSense jumped again!  $7.78 hahaha ... wow.   I need to really look into getting a couple more $$$ making ideas on my blog.  But with only 57 followers now sure how profitible it will be  ;) 

Monday, October 25, 2010


My AdSense really jumped up!  I went from $4.09 to $6.62 in like less than 2 weeks!!!  That was a nice surprise this morning lol.  I want to thank Kay @ for the 3 money making ideas for my blog!!  I am super excited to try these and have applied to 2 of the ideas she sent to me!  Fingers crossed I get approved and can figure out how to do it lol ... Thank you Kay!!!

9-24 Rite Aid run....

First I want to say thank you to Rite Aid for all the amazing buys I have gotten since I started couponing in August!  You have saved my family so much money its been a true blessing to us during these tough economic times.  I do understand that the $5 off $25 is not a given, but it has made my life a lot easier.  Maybe I was spoiled because I didn't coupon or shop at Rite Aid pre $5/$25 or + up days.  So I don't know any differently... but when there is a pdf out there for people to print freely and use daily then people will use it.  Now I feel like I NEED it.  Anyway, if you do completely do away with the $5 off coupon, I understand and I will still be able to get amazing deals, but my budget wont allow me to do as much.  I certainly wont be able to help you clear your shelves to move the product in the small MS town.  I need that coupon to keep the dust from settling on all this inventory down here ... so for now, I will use the one that is working and pray you allow it.  Thanks for loving us back Rite Aid!!  :) 

Ok, Yesterday's trip....  First let me say OHHH what a long nightmarish trip!  This is why I go completely prepared... but I forget we must expect the unexpected.  Transaction #1 should have been super simple.  6 boxes of Alka Seltzer to go packs.  Wam, Bam, thank you ma'am... in and out the door.  But nope that is not at all how it happened.  First I walk in as they are unlocking the door and Mr Manager musta had a rough night.  He was not in the mood for a customer that early.  But he tried to put on his happy Rite Aid smile and greet me... the thing is I had no sleep for 2 nights either so I was in a bitchy mood too.  Not a great combination. 

I go to the section with the Alka Seltzer... I look, nothing, look again... nothing walk around the store thinking there must be a special display or aisle end display.  Nope the damn store has no + up maker in stock.  CRAPPPP!!!    So I walk up to the manager, completely deflated and not happy at all, but try to keep my cool.  I asked if he knew where the Alka Seltzer To Go boxes are.  He says he hasn't seen any.  I said well its a huge special today.  You have to have some, its like the best item in the flyer this week.  He said Listen nothing in this life is guaranteed.  WHOAAAA  haha calm down cowboy!  I said um yeah I realize that, but this is a item in the flyer and the sale starts today ... you would think you might have 1 box???  Then I go look for the Nivea lotion ... wtf??  1 bottle???  Are you serious?  I went back up to him and told him I was calling corporate to complain of inventory levels.  I told him I knew he didn't control it, and it wasn't his fault, but this was ridiculous not to have the top 2 items in this weeks flyer in stock. 

So I start working another Bayer deal but nothing good is happening... cash is low, + ups are low and I really needed that Alka Seltzer deal.  I am getting really frustrated and I look across the aisle from the Bayer just for a split second, not looking for anything, just looking away to clear my head.  And what do you think I see?  Yes, about 15 boxes of Alka Seltzer COLD.  How did I miss the "COLD"  on the damn box?  So I was looking by the upset stomach area, not the flu and cold meds!  So I chuckle, grab 6 boxes and feel on top of the world again.  The manager even acts happy for me lol ... I am watching him ring it up and I said, "whoa wait a minute... Its ringing up at $4.94?  $5 isn't the sale price?  He said I don't know.  I guess your 10% discount is greater than the sale price.  So what are you saying... regular price is $5.05???   CRAP now my deal is falling apart again!  I only bought 6 papers and had no more $3 off coupons.  ughhhh Why is this happening to me??  lol  So I said "hang on let me think about this"  So I went ahead and bought a $6.29 box of Bayer AM ... there was a $3 off Q in the ad and I had $1.50 off Q.  So I spent an extra + up but the deal worked.  Transactions 2 & 3 weren't smooth either, and I was in Rite Aid for an hour and a half!  lol  I am thinking this 10% off thing is not really a blessing beyond making my milk and tea cheaper than Walmart...

Here are my deals:

I started with $9 + ups and left with $12 + ups and a $5 gift card. 

6 boxes of Alka Seltzer Cold to go packs (in the cold section lol) - $5 ($4.94 for me) = $30 ($29.64) (stop here if you don't have 10% off)
1 box Bayer AM - $6.29

total - $35.93 ($30 for you without 10% off)

coupons used

$5 off $25 (Red Plum 12/31 exp date)
6 - $3 off Alka Seltzer to go boxes - 10/24 RP
1 - $1 off Alka Seltzer - RA Oct VV
1- $3 off Bayer AM - RA flyer Q - 10/24
1 - $1.50 off Bayer AM Q - printed online
$8 + ups

total due -  -$0.57 + $2.17 tax = $1.60 OOP

used $8 in + ups
earned $22 in + ups

Transaction #2

1 Wonka/Nestle 48 oz mixed bag candy - sale $9.99
1 Wonka Mix ups 27 oz candy - sale - $4.99
4 bags Nestle fun size bags - sale 2/$5 = $10.00
1 Reeses 8 pk snack - $1.00

Total - $25.98

coupons used

$5 off $25 (red plum)
$2 off Wonka Nestle combo bag - online
$1.50 off Wonka mix up bag - online
2 - $1 off 2 Nestle snack size bags - online
$15 in + ups (previous transaction)

total due - $0.48 + $1.47 tax = $1.95 OOP

used $15 + ups
earned $10 + ups

Transaction #3  - (was supposed to be my 4 Nivea lotions but that was nixed due to low inventory, so I wandered around the store for 40 minutes trying to put together a deal around the 1 bottle they had in stock lol)

1 Nivea Happy Sensations lotion - sale- $5.99
1 - Aveeno shampoo - sale - $5.99
1 - L'Oreal Primer 890  - $11.65 (with 10% disc)
1 L'Oreal Adv Regenerist Cleasnser @ 50% off (BOGO 50%) - $2.79 (with my 10% disc) (ENTERED MANUALLY)

(with my 10% disc the L'Oreal did not reach the $15 needed for the $5 +ups but the manager gave me a $5 gift card because the 10% off should not have been taken off because the sale price is greater than 10% and the register was not ringing it up at sale price for some reason ... he was just as frustrated as me and gave me the gc  :)  I love RA)

total - $26.42

coupons used

$5 off $25 (12/31 exp)
$1 off Nivea lotion - (red plum 10/17)
2 - $2 off L'Oreal facial products (online)
$1 off Aveeno Nourish product - online
$4 off Aveeno Nourish - Oct RA VV
$13 + ups (previous transactions)

total due -   -$0.58 + $1.50 tax = $0.93 OOP

used $13 + ups
earned $11 + ups (well $6 + a $5 gc ... should have been $11)


TOTAL -     -$0.67 + $5.17 TAX = $4.47 OOP
walked in with $9 + ups left with $17 (i am basing that on the $5 gc as a + up) so I earned $8 + ups

Total saved - $109.45

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Please say it's not true Rite Aid?!?!

I am reading that the $5 off $25 is being nixed! I have 5 of them in my coupon binder waiting for tomorrows amazing deals!!  When you go click on the pdf file online it comes up blank.  I have it saved to my desktop, but if Rite Aid has discontinued using them, then it wont work anyway.  This makes me incredibly sad :(  My deals will not only be at least $25 or more a week but now I have to reconfigure my buys tomorrow.  WHY RITE AID???  Was my husband right?  Did we blog and brag too much about our Rite Aid steals and now they are losing money??  I may go do a test run later today and see if my coupon works.  I have the October and November coupons saved... fingers crossed and praying for it to go through smoothly!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Life is so tough ...

I have been tossing and turning since 1 am.  Its going to be a very long day.  Well yesterday I FINALLY got my long overdue oil change.  I am surprised I did not do serious damage to my engine!  My husband has been on my butt to go get it done but there are always other things to spend money on first and I kept forgetting on top of always being broke.  I know no excuse for burning up an engine ... but if it helps ... when I went in they asked me "do you want a new inspection sticker?"  I said "Do I need a new inspection sticker?"  "They said this one expired in March"   me,  "WOW!  um yeah sure give me a new inspection sticker too then."   Which also means it had been way longer than I had realized since my last oil change!!!  7 months since my inspection sticker expired?!?!?!  They always check the inspection sticker before they change your oil!!  Now granted I do not drive 1000 miles a month, probably half that, but still.  Doesn't oil go bad anyway?  The reason I remembered to change the oil yesterday though was when I turned on my car it said "Change oil soon"  which it has been saying for months lol, but then it said "Oil level low"  oops... thats a new one!  I decided low oil cant be good.  I would rather pay $40 for an oil change than $4000 for a new engine lol. 

But my excuse is that my husband used to do all that for me!  He would bring the car in and change the oil, get inspection stickers, pick up my tabs etc... then it all stopped.  Now I am supposed to remember to do all these things myself??  He has been on my ass to get my tires rotated too!!  WTF?  When did everything change??  These were the things he did for me and he let me do things like get manicures and pedicures.  Not sure I really like the added responsibility of car maintenance to my list of things to remember and worry about. 

Yesterday I found out a friend has lung cancer.  I cant explain the deep sorrow and fear I am feeling.  Obviously nothing compared to what she feels.  She is 41 and has 3 teenagers.  14, 15, and 17.  My best friend is good friends with her and they work together ... that is our connection.  I haven't known her long.  Maybe 3 years.  But our 15 year olds are on dance team together at school and her son Joe (the 14 yr old) is friends and in the same grade and my son Joe.  We talk on fb and are very friendly when we see each other.  But we aren't close.  I volunteered to be one of her angels yesterday.  They have a network of friends that help her out.  She just found out that she has cancer on Tuesday.  But, she thought it was her back.  She missed 3 weeks of work visiting chiropractors, doctors, specialists etc... until finally got an answer this week.  Lung cancer ... started out as a back ache.  UGHHHHH   Based on some of the wording in her Dr report it suggests that it may have either originated in her bones in her pelvic region and has spread or started in the lungs and suspicious activity in the bones down by the pelvic area.  She doesn't meet with the oncologist for at least 10 days.  She has a business trip the first week of Nov and doesn't want to miss it.  So she is waiting until then to see the oncologist.  Oh a pulminologist is the one that ordered the PET scan after discovering something in the lung area after a CAT scan.  I don't know its too much for me to comprehend.  I just feel sick and want to help.  So she has a group of women stopping in to help her when she cant get out of bed or is just plain old too tired.  I volunteered to clean her house.  I am praying for her.  I am also praying she finds the strength and words to tell her children soon.  She is waiting to see what the oncologist says, but this is such a small town, I am not sure waiting 3 more weeks or so is such a great idea. 

Hug your kids and love them with everything you have.  You are not guaranteed tomorrow. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Needed milk and toilet paper...

So I went to Rite aid and paid $1.20 for all of this!!!  You have to love this store.  I feel so sorry for people that don't have Rite Aids!! 

1 Scott tissue - $7.49
3 TreSemme shampoo/conditioner - $3.99 each
2 Febreze products  - 2/$5
1 gallon of milk - $2.69 (with 10% off discount)


1 $1 off Scott RA video value coupon
1 $2.50 off Scott tissue coupon
1 $5 off 3 bottles of TreSemme RA VV coupon
1 $3 off Febreze Noticeables Warmer coupon
1 $1 off Febreze air freshener
$5 off $25 coupon
$10 + ups

total due  -$.35 + $1.55 tax = $1.20 OOP

earned $6 + ups. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Rite Aid Steals today!

I saved $192.37 today. Spent $0.61 on merchandise + $7.60 tax = $8.21 OOP. Started with $15 + ups and have $13 + ups left (I think a $2 + up didnt print on one receipt... I should have $15 - oh well that happens, I will take my $13 and be happy!!)  I did this in 5 transactions!

behind the Pez is a gallon of milk we needed :) those things laying down at the front are Febreze Noticeables air fresheners ... on top of the Advil is Revlon lipstick.

My haul for today: 

5 Mens Nivea Body wash
4 Ladies Nivea Body wash
2 Nivea Body lotion
10 Old Spice Body Wash
3 Old Spice Body Spray
3 Old Spice deodorant
1 box of Advil
1 Revlon lipstick
4 boxes of Ziplock bags
4 FebrezeNoticeables air fresheners
2 Pez candies
2 airheads
1 Mentos Gum
1 gallon of milk
if anyone wants to know which coupons I used just leave me a message and I will let you know.  So much work to type all this out and not even know if anyone is actually reading this lol ... I am beat and had a hard night and morning so this is all I am doing for now.  Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Last Rite Aid trip this week...

ok, I wanted to do another deal today because I printed up some coupons for Playtex ... used $15 +ups today and earned $9 + ups!  I have $15 + ups left to use for next week and I am hoping I can turn that into $30 + ups again!!  :)

Here is my loot ... I spent $1.74 OOP on all of this ... it was all tax ... The tax should have been $1.94 but I somehow had  -$0.20 due which was subtracted from my tax.  I don't think I will ever bring Pooh back to Rite Aid with me again.  I do not know how you moms out there do it!  She was screaming for this stupid $10 piggy bank the entire trip and I couldn't get her to calm down.  I bought the Pepsi and gum to try to calm her down since those were 2 out of the 4 things she was screaming and crying for, but that didn't work...

she is now sound asleep .... guess someone needed a nap. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Insomnia sucks

ok, not really insomnia... my stomach is very upset.  Damn candy!!  I have been stocking up on all these free candy deals lately at Rite Aid and I couldn't stop eating it yesterday!  ughhh  My body doesn't process candy or fast food well so I am in pain and have been up since 2 am.   Too much Swedish fish!!

Yesterday my husband runs in with our 4 year old bleeding profusely from her face (nose and mouth).  It completely freaked me out at first.  I am not a calm person.  He laid her on our bed and she was screaming.  I looked at him and said "is anything missing"  all that blood around her mouth I thought maybe she knocked out or broke off some teeth.  But, he said no I don't think so.  So I ran and grabbed a wet towel and tried to wipe some of it away. 

She is screaming and crying of course, and my husband is trying to stay calm, but I can see the fear and guilt all over his face.  This is the man who has 9 lives, and has used up about 5 or 6 I am sure.  A few years ago a nail went through his thumb and I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off screaming to get in the car and go to the ER.  He pulled it out, took some duct tape, wrapped it up and kept on working. 

But this is his baby... so I took over.  Calmly to my own surprise.  I cant even pull out a tooth!!  I used to drive my kids to grandmas house when they were about to lose a tooth and have her pull it!  haha I just cant do blood!  But, I cradled her in my arms, got the bleeding under control, iced down her poor swollen face and talked to her.  It worked.  Within an hour she was jumping on the bed being her normal 4 year old self. 

Her face is bruised up and I know she will be feeling the pain more today, swollen lip, bruised nose, scraped and swollen chin  (she flew off a swing and hit an exposed tree root face first on the ground)  but she is tough... she will be ok.  Daddy though is not doing as well.  He kept talking about how loud it was when her face hit that wood.  He couldn't get the sound out of his head. 

Today I clean a house and then I may pick up a few things at Walgreens.  Not my favorite store and definitely not the deals I get at Rite Aid, but there are a couple things I could use. 

Can anyone tell me WHY don't the manufacturers put out the coupons for women's deodorant like they do men's?  I mean my son and husband are stocked up on the deodorant... me and my girls are struggling to make it til the next good Secret coupon comes out!  I may end up having to switch to men's deodorant lol

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

LOVE my Pooh!!!

ok I have to say I just absolutely love some of the things my little 4 yr old says! 

Yesterday I was checking on my blog and I said out loud not really thinking  "I wish someone would write on my wall"  Pooh says "OH MAMA you are so silly!  You don't want someone to write on the wall!  You silly mama!!!"  It took me a second to get what she was saying ... then I chuckled and thought to myself "oh crap I hope she doesn't write all over the walls!"  So I said "No mama was just teasing I don't want anyone to write on the walls!  Mama is just being silly!!" 

Later she was BEGGING nonstop for candy.  She had already had candy and ice cream but would not stop!  After about 3 minutes of "PLEASE PLEASE MAMA I WANT CANDY PLEASE MAMA PLEASE"  without really thinking I said "No Pooh you are going to get fat if you keep eating all that junk.  I know stupid... but she is 4 I really don't think she will remember that one comment which will lead to an eating disorder at 11.   But thinking back I should have said something about cavities and a drill at the dentist lol ... anyway ... I said it and it was hanging in the air ... too late to take it back.  She looked at me and said, "But I want to be fat just like you mama" 

Oh Lord, help me... I have my hands full with her!  hahaha I love the things that come out of her mouth! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Freebies Galore!!

Pooh loves to check the mail!  There is often small sample boxes in there and she loves to pull them out!  Today it was full of great samples and coupons! 

Kashi TLC snack crackers and a $1.00 off coupon
Wisk Laundry detergent sample with a $1 off coupon
True Lemon water flavoring packets - (2 lemon, a lime and an orange) + $1 off coupon
sample pack of feminine products from Kotex + a $1 off coupon
Clarins lipstick sample pack - 4 colors and a brush
RepHresh feminine products coupon for a free box and 2 $2 off coupons
and 1 coupon for a free box of Advil tablets or liquid gels (24 or 20 ct box)

WOW what a haul!! 

I scream, you scream

we all scream for some almost free Rite Aid ice cream!  My son is at home sick and he really wanted mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Well I didn't know what Rite Aid would have in stock.  I knew the Edys was on sale for $2.99 a half gallon with a $1 up reward though!  I also knew I didn't have any Edys coupons in my coupon book, so I pulled out my most recent All You that I haven't gone through yet and thanks to their coupon index I was able to find a $1 off 2 coupon for Edys!!  YES!!

Here's my deal:

2 half gallons Edy's - $5.98

coupons used
$1 off 2 Edy's
$4.50 + ups

total due - $0.48 + $0.42 tax = $0.90 OOP

used $4.50 + ups
earned $2.00 + ups
saved - $10.50

(I can always tell when my pooh gets ahold of my camera ... if you look in the upper left part of the picture you will see a blur... that would be her finger print on the lens... a common occurrence)

details of Rite Aid trip yesterday!!

Ok, I just couldnt get my head on straight enough to post all this last night, so I will try to get through it this morning. 

Transaction #1 (trip #2) (had to change a few things around bc the registered beeped and wouldnt let me buy 4 meds at one time.  It let me this morning, but the cashier thought maybe because the manager was ringing me up and she pushed it through)

1 DayQuil tablets - sale $4.99
2 NyQuil tablets - sale $4.99 each = $9.98
2 Playtex tampons - sale - 2/$8
2 bags of chocolate halloween candy - sale 2/$4

total - $26.97

coupons used -

$5 off $25
3 - $4 off Sinex product
2 - $1 Playtex manufacturer coupons
$2 off 2 Playtex RA V V coupon
$5.50  + ups
Total due - $0.47 + $1.54 tax = $2.01

used $5.50 + up
earned $7.50 + up
saved $40.56

Transaction #2

1 DayQuil tablets - sale $4.99
2 NyQuil tablets - sale $4.99 each = $9.98
2 Gain Dish detergent - sale $.89 each - $1.78
2 Garnier facial wash (BOGO 50% off sale) $6.29 + $3.14= $9.43

total -  $28.18

coupons used -

$5 off $25
3 - $4 off Sinex product
2 - $1 off Gain dish soap (which they didnt mark down to $0.89 ???  weird)
2 - $1 off Garnier facial cleanser
$6 + ups

Total due -   -$0.82 + $1.48 tax = $0.66  (not really sure how this happened??? $0.22 for the Gain but what about the other $.60?  I am at a loss and shocked it allowed me to deduct from the tax owed)

used $6 + up
earned $7.50 + up
saved $38.85

Transaction #3   (was supposed to use the candy to make it an even $25 but because the register wouldnt allow 4 meds in the same transaction I had to move things around.  The register still allowed me to use the $5 off $25 even though I was a penny short)

4 - Cheer/Gain laundry detergent - sale 2/$10 = $20
1 - DayQuil - sale - $4.99
total $24.99
coupons used -

$5 off $25
1 $4 off Sinex
3 - $2 off Cheer
1 - $1 off Gain (bought the last 3 Cheers at my store, so I had to swap out a Cheer q for a Gain q)
$8 +ups (could have used $8.50 to make less OOP ... oops)
total due - $0.99 + $1.40 tax = $2.39 OOP
used $8 + ups
earned $5.50 + ups
saved - $36.46
Started the day with $24 in +ups  and ended it with $28 + ups!! 
Great day at Rite Aid!! 


Monday, October 11, 2010

Just saved another $115.87 at Rite Aid today!


what a great day at Rite Aid!  I can not believe I wasnt excited about this weeks deals!  I will post everything later because dinner is about ready but including the earlier post today I saved $157.55 today at Rite Aid!!!

I spent $1.05 + $4.89 tax = $5.94 OOP

Started the day with $24 in + ups and ended the day with $28 in + ups!!!  So really I only spent like $1.94 ... Rite Aid you amaze me!  I hope this never ends!   Here is all my loot for the entire day.  I will post transactions later tonight!!

Profitable Rite Aid Run

So I wasn't seeing any great deals this week with the + ups.  Only SCR and when you have little cash on hand that isn't always your best bet for the week.  So after seeing someone else blog about the Nyquil deal with the $1.50 + up back and using the  Sinex $4 off coupon on it I decided to give it a try!  I have 11 of the $4 off Sinex products!!  I got to my Rite Aid and they didn't have the Sinex pills just the nose spray and that wasn't on sale for $4.99.  So I asked the cashier to do a test on the DayQuil to see if the Sinex coupon would work on those since they are made by the same manufacturer and IT DID!!  So here is my Rite Aid trip this morning! 

I had $24 in + ups but you can do this deal too for under $3 OOP if you don't have any!! 

Transaction #1

2 DayQuil tablets - sale $4.99 each = $9.98
2 NyQuil tablets - sale $4.99 each = $9.98
1 Crest Pro Health toothpaste - sale - $2.49

total - $22.45

coupons used -

$4 off $20
4 - $4 off Sinex product
$1 off Crest pro health
$1 + up  (if you don't have this just add $1 to your total OOP)

Total due - $0.45 + $1.01 tax = $1.46   ($2.46 if no + ups available)

used $1 + up
earned $7 + up

saved $33.30

Transaction #2 (I could have done it in the first .... it was an after thought.  The kids are off school today and I decided to get them some free candy!!)

1 bag of Hersheys & 1 bag of Reeses PB cups - sale - 2/$4

used $4 in + ups (can use from previous transaction)

total due - $0 + $0.28 tax = $0.28 OOP

earned $1 + up
used $4 + up

saved $7.98

So I saved $41.28 and made $3 in + ups!!  Rite Aid paid me $1.26 to take all this out of their store today!! (if you didn't have any + ups to start out with you will make $4 in + ups!)

spur of the moment money maker...

Saturday morning my husband walks in and says, Mrs Sharron is having a yard sale and wants to know if you want to set up a table and make a few bucks."  Well of course I want to make a few bucks, but the sale starts in 15 minutes.  How do you get together stuff that quick?  So my son has been growing like CRAZY the past couple of months.  I grab a few polos, button downs, shorts and pants I know didnt fit him forsure.  Then a few of Poohs clothes I knew she outgrew over the summer.  Not a ton of stuff but some of the things I could grab quick.  I hit up my closet since I have lost 20 lbs over the past 4 months and happily said goodbye to some of my size 14 and 12 clothes lol

We parted with a couple of toys, stuffed animals and older dress up items that have seen their better days...

In about 3 hours I made $50.  Sold everything for $1 ... stuffed animals $0.50.  I didnt have time to think about prices and mark it, so even though there were many items I could have gotten for more it was a nice way to clean out some of the clutter and make a few bucks.  I have never had a garage sale before.  I just donate or toss out the things I have finished using or no longer need, fit into etc...  I may do this again lol

My candy deal at Rite Aid

Here is the candy deal I did at Rite Aid Friday.  Definitely not my first choice in candy, but a nice little money maker!!

First transaction I bought the blow pops to see if it would even work since it wasn't an advertised + ups reward.  The candy was 2/$5 - no coupons used.  I did use $4.69 in + ups towards the payment and the rest on my gift card (oral care) to pay the balance, so no OOP was spent.  So after tax it was $5.35 and I got back $5 in + ups!!  Ok, that is awesome!  I then went and grabbed 10 more bags.  I chose the Swedish Fish and Sour Gummy Patch Kids because I had 4 coupons to burn up ($4 off 6 bags)  Unfortunately, my store didn't have enough bags.  So I bought 4 Swedish Fish and 2 Sour Patch.  Oh well... I am probably going to go buy 12 bags of Halls Cough drops with the other 2 coupons since they are $0.99 this week. 

Transaction #10 Bags of candy - sale 2/$5 -$25


$5 off $25
$4 off 6 bags coupon

Total due - $16.00
used $11.40 in +ups

total OOP $4.60 + tax

I used the remaining $1 something left on my oral gift card (wow that lasted me like 2 weeks!!!) and paid the rest OOP (less than $5.)  AND earned $24 in +ups for next purchase!  That was the best part!!!

I walked out of the door with 12 bags of candy and $24 in + ups!  love it! 

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I am still Alive!

It's been one of those weeks!!  Hopefully next week will be better!!  I did get in on that mistake + up candy deal at Rite Aid!  That was awesome!  Now I almost feel bad for Rite Aid knowing it was a mistake.  Oh well... I made some good + ups on those 12 bags!  I aso went to the grocery store tonight for the first time in 2 weeks and we werent even clost to being out of everything!!  That was nice! 

Hoping to catch up tomorrow on all of this!  Here is a picture that will make you wonder... for your viewing amusement... 

try to guess what happened...

Monday, October 4, 2010

Uneventful Rite Aid... my head is just not in it this week

Ok, I needed toilet paper and Rite Aid was a good buy on the Cottonelle.  Here is my scenario:

1 12 pk Cottonelle toilet paper - $6.99
2 snack packs candy -  2/$5
1 Trident gum - $1
5 Crest w/ Scope

TOTAL - $26.44

coupons used

$5 off $25
1 - $0.50 off Cottonelle
1 - $1 off Reeses or Kit Kat RA V V coupon (sept)
3 - $1 off Crest toothpaste
2 - $0.50 off Crest toothpaste
1 - $0.50 off Trident gum - RA V V
$12.50 in + ups

total due - $2.94 + $1.15 tax = $4.09
paid for with my Oral Care rebate gift card = ZERO OOP
earned $16.45 in + ups for next visit.

Really I was happy with the outcome, but nothing has really gotten me excited about shopping this week at Rite Aid, or anywhere else for that matter.  I am sure it's just me... not my wonderful Rite Aid!  :)  they are great and I am fortunate to have gotten everything for free today and made money going in for 5 minutes!  Thank you Rite Aid for caring about your customers!  You have just spoiled me this past month ... I have gotten too used to spending $4 and saving $95!! 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

No Rite Aid today... ran into Wags

I ran into Wags for literally 3 minutes this morning.  Grabbed 5 Nivea lip moisturizers and 2 chocolate marshmallows for Pooh  :)  Less than $1 OOP ... I am thinking maybe of taking a little break this week from all this couponing.  I have been at it full force for 2 months and I seriously think I am burning out.  I almost had a nervous breakdown when I didn't get the Schick razor and Nivea coupons in my inserts this week!  hahaha

Disappointing Rite Aid week?

Am I missing something or am I going to take a hiatus from Rite Aid this week?  Please let me know if I am missing something in the short ad this week.  I am just not feeling it.  The only thing jumping out at me is the Kellogg cereal deal.  Unfortunately, my Rite Aid seems to skimp out on their choice of cereals on special.  I will probably go ahead and get the 5 boxes, which will be gone in about 5 days in my house :)  So, 5/$10 with coupons would be 5 for $4.90 with a $2 + up back making it like 5 boxes for $2.90 which is really awesome.  I am going to skip the Nivea lip care because Walgreens has it onsale for $0.99 and with my $1 off coupons I have on stock I can get 5 for free without paying the cash OOP to earn the free ones at Rite Aid after + up is applied.  I prefer to keep my cash in my purse.  The Cottonelle toilet paper is a good buy too I just hate trading in all my + ups and getting so few back.  I looked through my coupons and I am thinking my $1 off cottonelle coupon must have expired because its not in there!   ughhh  I will search a little more.  I will also see if I can find some high $$$ Neutrogena coupons since they are BOGO 50% off and if you buy 4 you get a $5 + up, but without some really great coupons it may be an average deal.  I am just not running out the door this morning like I usually do.  Oh well even Rite Aid needs a break from giving away so much free stuff the past month!! 

Homecoming 2010

I have to say I really enjoyed taking pictures of the great group of kids that went to homecoming together as a group with my Moo last night!  I got over 100 great pictures.  And, so far no news is good news.  News travels fast in this town and with facebook its even faster.  We can find things out now at lightening speed, where pre Facebook days it may have taken 10 minutes!  lol So no posts about any accidents and problems with the beautiful children of our community last night!  We had 2 homecomings last night here in town (both the private and public high schools) so lots of after parties, and we all remember and know all too well that teenagers don't always make the wisest choices, heck, adults don't always make the wisest choices.  So, I am relieved to have woken up to a quiet facebook status update page. 

I am all for saving and cutting coupons, but yesterday was a day of spending $$$.  No coupons involved.  I sat with my beautiful Moo and watched her get her nails and hair done for homecoming.  $120 later, she looked like a princess.  You just can't put a pricetag on times like these.  They are priceless.  Time passes us by so fast, and we are not guaranteed a tomorrow, so make those times special.  3 hours of watching my daughter being pampered and making her feel special really is priceless.  I love my children so much and it's important to do what you can to help make special memories! 

The kids all looked beautiful and had a wonderful dinner hosted by a great family in town.  We served the kids and helped them make some awesome memories!

These 2 beautiful girls have been best friends for ever and I love them so much!

Love my Moos boyfriend too, first time for everything I guess haha\