Friday, July 1, 2011

WE WON!!!!!

We are FINALLY going on vacation!!  I won the Wyndham "Why I deserve a Summer Vacation" contest!!  OH I am so excited!!  Thanks to all those who voted!   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!  (tomorrow is my bday lol) 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I could win a dream vacation TODAY with your help! TIED for 1st place!

This is it.  Today is the final day to vote and I am tied for 1ST place - AGAIN!!!  Every single vote is crucial!   A single vote could make the difference between my family winning this amazing vacation or sitting another year at home dreaming... PLEASE HELP US MAKE OUR DREAM A REALITY!! 

Vote on the link below.  You do not need to provide any information.  You do not need to allow FB access, its so simple!!  It seriously takes 3 seconds!  Please vote for TINA S. with Kaila Grace swimming in daddy's pick up.  The picture below is the one I submitted.  You cant miss it.  There are only 7 finalists!  (out of over 7200 entries!) If you can find it in your heart to re post this on your blog and/or FB page I would be forever indebted to you!  This contest ends tonight at 11:59 PM EST.  Thank you for your help and votes!! 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SO SAD!! I lost all my followers!

I am so sorry for taking a break!!  PLEASE come back!!!  I will keep posting my weekly RA deals!!  PROMISE!!! 


OK, yes I disappeared for the past 4 months!  I had lost my motivation for blogging, but this great news has put me back in the seat!  I know its wrong to beg but I will anyway.  Just this once.  :)  I am tied for FIRST place right now in a vacation giveaway!  I know EXCITING right??  The voting ends tomorrow at 11:59 pm EST!  I have been working my tail off the last 2 weeks trying to get votes!  I am here to beg my long lost blogging friends to help me out!  PLEASE PLEASE take 2 minutes to vote for my picture to win this amazing opportunity!  Help me give my amazing husband the vacation he deserves!  Couponing has been wonderful and helped us out in so many ways, but it hasn't been the answer to saving enough to take that dream vacation we so desperately need!  But you can still help!!!  Please click on the link and vote for Tina S. the picture of my youngest daughter, Kaila AKA Pooh, swimming in the back of her daddy's pick up truck!  There is no registering, or giving of any personal information.  Just simply clicking  "VOTE"  It is simple and fast!  AND if you really want to help me out you could even re post it on your FB page, blog or both!!  We are down to the final stretch and to say its close is an understatement!  I need a huge surge in votes the next 2 days!  You can vote once per day!  Thank you so much for your support and help!  Sorry I went missing for so long, I was in a rut! please click that link to go to the Wyndham "Why I Deserve a Summer Vacation" giveaway!!!  click here   VOTE FOR TINA S to win a vacation!!! 

oh did I mention I really really want to win this lol

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My 2/20 RA trip

The Gain detergent was from Walmart.  I price matched a local stores ad price of $3.99 and I used $1 off Q ... very decent price. 

$6.54 inc tax for 100 ozs of detergent.

Rite Aid

sweethearts - $0.50
chocolates - $0.50
6 Sucrets - $2.99 x 6 = $17.94
4 Tampax - $15.96
11 J&J - $2.99 x 11 = $32.89
2 J&J qtips - $5.58
1 milk - 2.55
2 Oreos - $6.00
1 chocolate cherry - $0.26

total - $82.18 - $25 Q's = $57.18 - $54 + ups = $3.18 + $6.45 tax = $9.63 total cash OOP

started with $16 + ups and I left with $6 + ups.  Very sad  :(  haha   maybe next week I can find a way to build my ups back up ...

saved - $116.59 after wellness, coupons and rolling + ups in 4 transactions. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

4 days later... Rite Aid trip

total - $1.60 + $5.06 tax = $6.66 total cash OOP
used $13 + ups

saved $115.96

3 Hungry Jack pancake mixes
3 Hungry Jack syrups
4 Ragu sauce
8 boxes ziploc storage bags
2 cans of Campbells tomatoe soups
2 boxes Saltine crackers
2 bottles of Gain fabric softner
2 boxes of Finish dish detergent tabs
8 Dove deodorants

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saved $29.18 @ Walmart today!

If you read my blog regularly, you know we have no real grocery store in town.  This weekend I headed out to Gulfport and went to the only store on the coast that offers double coupon.  I saved about $12 and spent $24 so not too bad.  Then I went to this new store that opened up called Froogals.  They had some really great prices on some items and I spent $66 on groceries.  I believe about $5 something on tax ... It was $71.XX ... but there there was a $7.12 fee added on to the final bill.  Wow ... ok, I still came out ahead, but it costs me around $10 in gas to drive there and back ... so with gas I figured I spent about $112 total.  Eyeballing what I brought home I would say it would have cost me around $175 at Walmart.  Was it really worth it??  Maybe.  I really just felt like getting out of the house and out of this town for a couple hours ... so it was worth it that day.  But I am not sure I will do it often. 

Today I finished up my shopping with stuff I needed, but didnt see a great deal on at the other stores (the double coupon store was CRAZY expensive on at least half their stock).  I spent $92 at Walmart.  I saved $29.18 price matching and on coupons.  ($8 on coupons and $21.18 price matching other stores meat sale prices)  We are set for about 2 weeks.  Maybe.  I just got word my almost 7 foot tall cousin is driving in Sunday from GA.  He is staying with us for 4 days... He is young... maybe 25???  I am sure he eats a TON!  And, my dad is still here... which adds a little to the food bill.  But my goal was to stay around or under $100 a week and I have been meeting and some weeks even staying under that ... so I am happy!!! 

No picture ... but lots of meat for dinners and breakfast foods (pancake/waffle mixes, bisquick for bicuits and gravy, syrup...) tomatoes, french bread, stuff to make roast beef poboys ... lots of good stuff for meals.

Stock up on crackers!! 16 boxes of crackers for $0.84 + tax!!

we go through Ritz like water around here...

Here's the scoop...

16 boxes of crackers for $0.84 + $2.23 tax = $3.07 TOTAL CASH OOP

used $23 + ups and got back $16 + ups. A little investment of my ups but so worth it considering these go for about $3 each

6 Ritz
4 Cheeze Its
2 Saltines
4 Wheat Thins (my favorite!!)

used 8 $1 off wyb 2 Q's and $23 ups ... got back $16 ups ... so it cost me about $10 in cash and ups ... GREAT deal!!  About $0.62 a box INCLUDING tax !! 

Monday, February 7, 2011

SO I think the Sweet 16 will be a Luau!!

I talked to my daughter this morning and she loves the idea.  I wasnt sure it would fly since we sort of did that for her 13th bday.  Minus the bonfire and DJ... this will be much more "grown up"  lol

PLEASE click on the link and tell me what you think of the invite.  I havent ordered it yet ... they are $0.95 each if I order 100.  I need to discuss it with the other mama too.  :) 

but click on this link and it will take you to the proof of the invite.  Please give me feedback!  Thanks!  Constructive criticism is welcomed!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Fight at Rite Aid???

ok, so I just ran to RA to get some buns and BBQ sauce... I decided to grab some of the $1.99 cereal too since I havent bought cereal since before Christmas!!  I didnt have my q's but I knew the Frosted Flakes were giving a + up ... I was just HOPING the Fruit Loops, Corn Pops and Apple Jacks would too.  No such luck.  oh well ... $1.99 a box is still cheaper than Walmart and we needed some sugary kids cereal.  All we had left was the "yucky healthy" stuff lol   (no photo)

So I am checking out and I use $18 ups and $1.28 cash ... get $5 + ups back.  But its all good.  I have so many anyway and I need to save my cash for produce and meat, gas etc...

So anyway, I am checking out and the cashier says,  "were you here last Sunday?"  I said, "yes, in the morning."  She said, "did you hear about the 2 couponers that got in a fight?" 

WTH????  hahahahaha  no... no one said anything to me.  I have to get the scoop on this though.  lol  She didnt have all the details, but now I am curious.  I wonder if one was the lady who gave me a dirty look this morning ... hmmmm I have never seen her before.  Maybe she was coming in early to avoid running into someone later??  lol   ohhhh I MUST get to scoop. 

cake anyone?? RA trip 2/6

ok, I walked in with $66 in + ups and left with $69 in + ups ... so I earned $3 in + ups!!

spent - $1.44 + $4.85 tax = $6.29 total cash OOP (so I got all this stuff really for $3.29 including tax!!)
I saved $127.89

8 Betty Crocker cake mixes
8 Betty Crocker frostings
6 Betty Crocker cookie mixes (2 not pictured - I gave them to the cashier)
3 Bio True contact lens solution
8 Bounty Basic paper towels
4 Lysol Neutra Air fabric mist
4 Scrubbing Bubbles
8 mentos
1 lemon extract (on sale)
3 Halls cough drops
1 Milk
1 Red Diamond sweet tea

So I get there at 10 minutes to 8 and notice no one has even opened the store yet.  Usually she gets there around 7:30... so shortly after I get there I see the asst manager pull in.  She starts unlocking the door and waves for me to come on in.  YAY!!  Then she locks the door behind us!  WOO HOO!!  I get RA to myself lol

But she unlocks the door at 8 and about 2 minutes later I see this woman walk in and I can tell she is there for the Betty Crocker stuff.  Yes I took all but 2 of the cake mixes, but I left around 20 cookies, 2-4 cake mixes and about 6 frostings.  She was back there for awhile getting her stuff and I was separating my items into transactions when she came up to the register (allowing asst manager time to get her paperwork done and get the registers ready...) well she had TONS of cookies and a few other things in her cart.  She did like 3 transactions (never offering to let anyone ahead of her ... RUDE) and when she finished and left the store I walked back to the cookies and saw she had taken all but 4 packs.  So I was like wth ... I grabbed the last 4.   The cashier was saying to me earlier she really wanted to get some, but was out of food stamps and she had 3 sick kids at home etc.... so I gave her 2 packs out of the 6 I purchased.  She was thrilled!  Then the same same woman walked back in when I was on my final transaction and walked straight to the back.  She came back empty handed and shot me a dirty look.  REALLY???  You take around 20 packs of cookies and give ME a dirty look when I decide to go back there and get 4 more GIVING 2 OF THEM AWAY!  lol 

whatever woman... I could have cleared the entire shelf before you even arrived so keep your snotty looks to yourself.

Friday, February 4, 2011

just daydreaming...

I am having serious 80's withdrawls and flashbacks of my teen years.  I loved high school.  I do not relive those days over and over in my head, but sometimes I miss it.  I miss the carefree days of no kids, responsibilities etc... I love my kids and my husband but there are times I crave a day of being 16 again

1985 to 1988

my blue Volkswagen Rabbit with the crank sunroof ... sneaking out and drinking wine coolers ... only worried about what I was going to wear out that Friday night or who might be there

simple times... no cell phones.  no computers.  happy with whatever you had and didn't really want or need more.  parties every weekend and always a group of friends looking to have some fun!

I do miss those days.  It makes me sad that my kids wont experience the simple things that I did.  They move so fast now.  Nothing really makes them happy for long.  They want more and they want it now.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Winn Dixie & RA 2/3/10 - saved $115.74

ok, so I went to the Long Beach RA since I was so close today and there is a Winn Dixie down the road.  They had some BOGO stuff and I thought I would grab some snacky foods for super bowl sunday! 

Here is my haul (minus 1 pack of Edy's fruit bars that fell out of the bag in the car lol)

Winn Dixie wasnt all that great for savings ... I got

6 packs of the Sea best frozen seafood - $5.99 - BOGO - $17.97 -  6 $1 Q's = $11.97
2 Armour meatballs - $4.99 each - BOGO - $4.99 - 2 $0.55 Q's  = $3.89
2 Ritz crackers  - $1.99 each - $1 off wyb 2 = $2.98
2 Hillshire Farms sausage - $3.69 each BOGO - $3.69

total with tax - $24.67
total savings with card and Q's = $38.35

RA ...

8 Edy's ice cream - $2.99
1 Edy's fruit bars  - $2.99
1 milk - $3.19 (ughh forgot to use my 20% off card)
1 tea - $2.79  (ditto on above statement ... but I did use my husbands and got a $20 + up for buying so much icecream so I am not too upset!!)
1 Hartz Clean n brush dog bisquits - $2.99 - $1 Q
1 Beggin Strips - $2.99 - $1 Q
1 Purina TBonz - $2.99 - $1 Q
1 Purina TBonz - $2.99 - $1 Q
1 Busy Bone - $2.99 - FREE wyb beggin Strips
1 BBQ sauce (I forgot it a Winn Dixie and needed it today) $1.00

Total - $1.37 + $3.52 tax = $4.89 total cash OOP
used $39 + ups but got $44 + ups back ... so once again a FREE trip to RA!! 

saved $77.39

I blinked ... and it's February!

My head is spinning... how can it already be February??  I am not ready yet!  Can we rewind??? 

Well I am determined to be more prepared for EVERYTHING this year!  I will not be taken by surprise ... So its time to start planning.  Ideas are welcome!  I am on a HUGELY tight budget for everything I do lol so help is needed and appreciated. 

ok, so it's Carnival Season ... and that is not the kind of carnival you take your kids to with funny (scary) clowns and rides... no Carnival season in my neck of the woods is much different :) 

Margaret is marching in some of the parades, and I have to march along side to make sure no one touches the girls... but I want to try to enjoy the season this year.  I havent really enjoyed it much the past few years.  I skip the parties and only go to the local parade.  Well this year my anniversary falls smack dab in the middle of carnival season... so we WONT be getting a room in NOLA for our anniversary this year (rooms are like gold during Mardi Gras in NOLA) so maybe I will drag my hubby to a couple parades instead??  IDK ... but I vow to try to enjoy at least 1 BIG parade and accept at least 1 invitation to a party this season.  The baby is getting older and no more excuses ont to get a sitter and have a little fun!

 Then Monday BEFORE Fat Tuesday, my sweet Moo Moo leaves for NYC with her dance team!!!  I have never even been to NYC!  wow so I need to try to save about $400-$500 to send with her for the week long trip.  The room, most meals and outings are all paid for, but everyone is saying NYC is crazy expensive and she will need some serious spending $$$.   So we will see... not sure what we will be able to swing, but I have a feeling it wont be quite that much, but she will have something.  How should I send it though?  A pre paid Visa?  Cash?  Cashier checks ??  I mean she isnt the most careful person, and in our family it isnt uncommon to lose things frequently... how would you send the spending money?? 

THEN, it will be April and my Moo Moo's Sweet 16!!!  I have to get this off my chest before I go on!    plug your ears ....

I HATE MTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, I feel better.  MTV has put in the minds of kids everywhere that they are entitled to $50,000 cars and $100,000 parties!  I am so pissed!! 

So my Moo will be 16 the second day of April.  She was almost my April Fools baby... but was 7.5 weeks premature.  She is my little miracle!  I want a party for her.  She wants a huge blowout with a limo and everything  ughhhh  .. here are some of the pictures she has saved for ideas.  can I just say I HATE MTV!!!!!!!!!!

and this is the car she wants...  yes she wants a Barbie convertible ... hahahaha ... my little Barbie look alike wants a Barbie car.  ;) 
OHHHHH  and lets not forget the $600 dress she is dreaming of too ....  did I mention I FREAKING HATE MTV???????????????????

OH and to top it off ... prom is the weekend AFTER her 16th bday.  Yes, it is.  oh and NO!  she can not wear the same dress.  lol  ... I wouldnt even ask.  I wouldnt even want her to.  But people, I am having anxiety attacks over this. 

OKKKK  now we move on to May... Jordan graduates.  Of course, assuming they are still together, we will need a graduation gift.  More $$$...  not to mention we have a niece graduating and there are graduation parties out the ying yang.... all expecting gifts

Moving right along to June ... my first born... the daughter I had at the all too young age of barely 20 ... turns 21!!!!  and yes, she too is expecting a blow out. 

 Tay Tay (in blue) ... with a good friend Mal.  (my best friends daughter)  I seriously CAN NOT believe she will be 21.  I love this girl so much!  Where is the world did the years go????  I REALLY do remember her first day of kindergarten like it was just a couple years ago... this makes me sad.  It also makes me realize that the same thing is going to happen to Pooh soon... she starts kindergarten this coming school year :(

which takes us to summer vacation ... always expensive ... just the extra food alone breaks the bank lol 

Back to school clothes, supplies etc.... and MY BABY ... MY 4TH CHILD ... THE LAST ONE ... STARTS KINDERGARTEN!!!!  And the one I thought was the baby ... the last one (for 9 years he was) starts HIGH SCHOOL!!!!   SO MANY MILE STONES THIS YEAR!!! 

So back to school in August and then Joe turns 14 in Sept... I am telling you people... I have this weird feeling this year is going to be my whirlwind year.  My head is going to spin, and I am trying to get a grasp now before I blink and it is over. 

Monday, January 31, 2011

quick run to RA ... saved $35.82 cash OOP $0.85

we were just about out of tea and eggs so I ran up to Rite Aid to get some... no picture but here is what I got

1 gallon of Red Diamond sweet tea
1 gallon milk
1 doz eggs
2 Quantumatic dishwasher detergent dispensers
2 funnels
4 king size Reeses peanut butter cups (the kids were yelling out the window when I was driving off "GET CANDY GET CANDY" hahaha)

I used $11 + ups and paid $0.21 + $0.64 tax = $0.85 cash OOP
got $2 + ups back for the funnels
I saved $35.82

I now have $71 + ups to use tomorrow after the delivery truck brings more chips and ice cream lol

with q's the quantumatics were free and no other coupons were used. 

I LOVE being able to use my ups for everyday things I used to run to Walmart for.  Had I gone to Walmart I would have just bought the milk tea eggs and candy... It would have cost me about $12.50 ish... + tax. 
Of course I would much rather use my UPS to generate more UPS, but how nice that I dont have to use real money to buy some of the things I have to buy all the time!!!  I will easily make up those lost UPS because RA is da bomb!  :) 

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Such a great week to shop at RA... if you know how ;)   If I can get my hands on more Afrin coupons I will be going back.  Unfortunately my inserts didnt have them a couple weeks ago.  All I had were the IP ones ...

I may go back anyway to get some more food items...

Here's my first trip this week  :)
Spent $4.30 + $7.30 tax = $11.60 OOP
Saved $230.70
started with $36 in + ups and left with $80 in + ups!

** not pictured - 1 Snuggie for my sweet friend & 3 cadbury candy coated chocolate egg packets - consumed :)   not by me though **

10 Lays potato chips
8 Edy's ice cream
4 Jif peanut butter
2 Smuckers jelly
2 New York Bagel crisps
2 bottles of V8 juice
3 Afrin nose spray
2 Coricidin cold/flu medicine
2 Viactiv
17 Colgate toothpaste (1 not pictured)
1 Hartz Crunch & Clean dog treats


Saved 90% at Rite Aid today ... again. spent $0.81 (+ tax) SAVED $81.64

This was more or less just a quick money maker trip ... but after I bought the vitamins I thought maybe it wouldnt hurt to actually start taking some of these vitamins I keep buying... I am not getting any younger.

ok, so I have planning all week to go do this deal to build back a little of my + UPS and yesterday (1/29) was the last day to do it. Here's my trip...

2 bottles of Fish Oil capsuls - $15.99 each - (with Gold member disc) $12.79 each
2 bottles of CoQ10 - $23.99 each - (w/ disc) - $19.19 each
1 bag of gummy candy hearts (consumed and not pictured) lol - $1.79

total - $0.81 + $4.60 tax = $5.41 cash OOP
total saved - $81.64

Started with $15.94 in + UPS and left with $36 in + UPS
Thank you Rite Aid for once again paying me to shop at your store. I will be back

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rite Aid and WAGS runs ...

I actually went out Sunday morning to get those stupid light bulbs.  I know ... why??  idk really except that getting up at 5 am getting the papers and planning my trip to the stores for 8 am has been my thing since August.  So I did it even though I am sick as a freaking dog!!  I felt it creeping up on me Friday.  When I finished cleaning I thought I was getting sick, but then chalked it up to too many cleaning supply fumes.  My throat felt on fire, but I had just finished cleaning my 4th house in as many days and really just thought I inhaled one too many fumes. 

Not so... by 2 am Sat morning I thought I was dying lol ... I am not one of those sick people either.  I usually shake it off but Sat I did NOTHING.  I laid in bed all day.  So Sunday I got up and decided I would not be taken down by this bug.  I went golfing.  Yeah shouldn't have done that.  Monday and Tuesday this crud has hit me hard.  My nose feels on fire now from blowing so much on this free RA facial tissue.  Sucking on one free Hall after another and popping my free Advil Congestion ... hahaha just wish I could get my free Afrin today!!!  My nose spray is running low. 

Anyway I feel like SHEEEETTTTT ... thats why I am up at 3 am catching up with my post.  I am coughing like crazy and I dont want to wake up my husband.  He NEEDS his 8 hrs.  His job can be very dangerous and he needs to be alert.  so here I am AGAIN up earlier than bedtime for some about to update my shopping trip (which was sucky btw...)

ok here it is...

I went to Walgreens and Rite Aid ... there was nothing jumping out at me and I just felt like buying something lol ... I didnt do all that great, but I have been getting some seriously amazing deals on makeup and fingernail polish lately!!

Walgreens - spent $7.17 + $1.20 tax = $8.37 OOP
saved $31.45

2 Almay translucent powders with a bonus eye shadow - (last chance sale) $3.59 each
used 2 $2 Q's = $3.18 and I got a $7 RR back
1 Nivea Aftershave - $3.99 - $1 Q = $2.99 and got back $3 RR

total $6.17 + 0.43 tax = $6.60 - and got $10 RR back

then transaction #2 I got

4 packs of Keebler cookies 2/$5 = $10 - used 2 WAGS Q $2/2 and 2 $1/2 manu Q's = $4
1 - 12 pack of candy hearts - $3
2 bags of chips 2/$5 - $1/2 WAGS Q - $4
total $11.00 + $0.77 tax = $11.77 - $10 RR = $1.77 OOP

now to a very boring week at Rite Aid ... next week will more than make up for it, but I guess even RA needs a break sometimes...

spent $1.36 + $3.50 tax = $4.86
saved $120.32
used $29.50 in + ups and earned $19.94 in + ups = -$9.56 in ups used

2 bottles of Purex Laundry detergent - $1.99 = $3.98 (no Q's just really needed it... buying 1 here and there til a good stock up comes along.)
2 packs of Sustenex - $9.99 each = $19.98 - $10 IP Q = $9.98 (got $8 ups back)
6 boxes of GE soft light light bulbs - $1.99 = $11.94 (got $11.94 ups back)
1 PF bronzer (75% off) - $3.73 - $3 Q = $0.73
1 PF powder (75% off) - $2.83 - $3 Q = $-0.27
3 Borghese fingernail polish (75% off) = $2 & $2.25 = $6.25 - 3 $1 Q = $3.25
1 Spic n Span scrubbie - (50% off) $0.50
1 Cadbury Cream Egg - $0.50
Like I said   YAWN   boring week at Rite Aid.  but so super excited for next week!!! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

RA trip Thursday... no picture

ok so my 4 year old loves to use my digital camera.  She walks around taking pictures of the most random things ... here take a look at her work:
ceiling fan in room
best friend's feet
our dog Coco cleaning herself (nice....)
best friend

 So you see what I deal with ... half the time I go to use my camera it's dead and there are 400 pictures of her favorite cartoon stored on it.  So no picture of my RA run today. 

I got lots of 75% off stuff... everything but the Pilot pens were 75% off.  I was out near the Long Beach store so I thought I may as well pop in.  I got the following:

4 pks of Pilot pens  - $1.83 each
3 Sally Hansen nail polish remover - $0.74 each
2 Borghese fingernail polish - $2 each  ( used 2 - $1 off Q found in the store) - $1 each
1 toenail clipper (cant remember brand) - $0.74
2 fingernail clippers - $0.48 each

$0.23 + $1.07 tax = $1.30 cash OOP

used $12 in + ups and got $8 in + ups back for the pens! 
I saved $40.75

I am very happy with this.  I may go back and get a few more of those fingernail polishes... I will check my local RA first... but if they don't have them marked down yet I may just take a drive out there, It's almost flip flop season again and I need some funky colors for my toes!!   I noticed a few boxes of pasta on their shelves and tomorrow is the last day for free pasta, so yes, I will probably take another drive to Long Beach!! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

sadness in our home.

I wish I could take her pain away... Taylor and Cory have not worked things out.  I love her so much and this was her first boyfriend so I know the awful pain she is feeling.  I am happy she is getting up and functioning.  I told her the other night, "Its ok to be sad for a couple days, but you have to get up and get going Tay.  You cant let yourself slip into a depression.  Force yourself to do something to make yourself happy every single day."  That night she came home with this ceramic plaque to hang on her wall from walmart that says something like this :    Do one thing everyday to make you HAPPY  ... kids listen ... they really do.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Midweek trip to Rite Aid!

ok, I decided to get some Clearasil since I promised myself I would stock up on it when they have sales. And I grabbed a few more things while I was there...  (all prices except clearance prices include my 20% discount)

11 rolls of wrapping paper on the 90% off clearance table (ranging from $0.19 - $0.59 a roll)
1 Clearasil face wash - $4.49   ($2 manu IP Q  & $2 RA ad Q)
1 Clearasil face cleansing pads - $4.49  ($2 manu IP Q & $2 RA ad Q)
2 bags of rice - $1.19 each
3 Barilla pasta - $1.43 each
1 Physicians Formula bronzer - (75% off clearance) $3.73 ($5.00 manu Q)
1 Physicians Formula powder - (75% off clearance) $3.48 ($3.00 manu Q)
1 Physicians Formula blush -  (75% off clearance) $2.98    ($3.00 manu Q)
4 pks Pilot pens  - $1.83 each pack
1 Cadbury cream egg (mine) $0.50
4 Valentines chocolates (kids) (BOGO 50% off) - $1 for 2 and $0.50 for 2 = $3.00

total cash OOP $0.51 + $1.37 tax = $1.88

I used my $20 +ups that I earned for the January rewards deal and I got $15 + ups back.
($8 for Pilot pens, $5 for the pasta and rice, and $2 for the Clearasil)

so after ups it was like spending $5.51 + $1.37 tax = $6.88 for all that!
I saved $103.80

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Toilet paper and chips ... RA 1/16

Not much at Rite Aid this week that I wanted, but we use toilet paper like crazy. This isnt the brand I would normally buy but when you coupon, beggars cant be choosers... its not a bad toilet paper either, feels like Angel Soft so we are good. :) I stopped at Walgreens to get the Homestyle Mac & Cheese (Margaret's favorite) usually on sale at Walmart for $2 a bag. After coupons I got 6 bags for $1 plus tax. The chips will go fast since I dont buy many snacks. Taylor already grabbed a bag to hide hahaha ... and the chili is for making dips.

the breakdown ...

Rite Aid - started with $34 in UPS and left with $41 in UPS - so I earned $7 in ups.
spent $3.89 + $2.59 tax = $6.48 total OOP (which means everything was free)

7 - 4 packs of Simplify bathroom tissue
5 single rolls of RA toilet paper
6 boxes of RA facial tissue
11 bags of TGIF potato chips
8 cans of Hormel chili  (2 - $0.55/2 q IP)

and at Walgreens

spent $1.00 + $0.70 tax = $1.70 total OOP

6 bags of Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese (6 - $1 off q from ss 1/16 & 3- $1/2 wags q)

so total today I spent including tax $8.18 and earned $7 for future purchases... all this for $1.18 ... not bad, considering I bought 2 bags of the Mac & Cheese last week at Walmart for $4.28!!

Saved $17 at Walgreens and $61.01 at Rite Aid. total saved $78.01.

Not my best week, but not too bad I guess. Maybe I will look closer at the ad for some good buys later in the week. We were down to our last pack of toilet paper and had no kleenex in the house so I needed this today and it was all free after ups .. how can you pass up free??

  (ps - I dont think the blue boxes of facial tissues were included in the deal, and they rang up at $1.19 I think??  My cashier gave me the $3 in ups off my next transaction... just be careful you grab the right boxes)


I went out to get my newspapers at the ungodly hour of 5 am so I have time to clip any coupons I may need for my 8 am shopping trips...

and there was not a single P&G insert in any of my papers.   I have come across an insert missing in my paper before, but never out of every single paper I buy!  Did we get excluded from the insert? 

ughhh this is so unfair.  If anyone in the Times Picayune reading area sees this please let me know if I should invest in going out and buying your paper.  blahhhhhh  not happy at all.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Break up?

ok weird ... i just did the post about my 15 yr old and her boyfriend.... meanwhile I found out my 20 yr old and her boyfriend, Cory, just broke up.  They have been together for over a year and I am a little shocked.  Personally, I thought they wouldn't make it long term because he is in the service and I really don't think she is cut out to be the wife of a serviceman, but I did not see this coming.  She is with a friend right now, but I wish she would come home and talk to me.  I know she has got to be hurting and I want to be here for her.  But I also know that at this age friends are the ones they turn to.  Tay and Cory were supposed to leave for Orlando Monday to go to the Harry Potter studios ... she has been wanting to do this since they opened in June.  It was her Christmas present from Cory.  This makes me so sad for her.  I hope she is doing ok and doesn't do anything stupid.  20 year olds don't make the best decisions and down here drinking is a big thing for her age... we are so close to New Orleans and it is definitely a party atmosphere down here. 

saying a little prayer for my baby girl.  I love her so much. 

Taylor and my mom on Christmas day.  Yes she is wearing 3 inch heels lol ... her 13 year old brother is just about to pass her up!!  My baby ... my heart.  I love my kids so much, its so hard to watch them go through the crap life throws at us. 

take a week off?

I am thinking of taking a week off Rite Aid.  I might go see what they have on the shelves for the tissue that will be a small MM with my 20% off, but there is nothing grabbing my eye.  Am I missing something??  I need to take a closer, harder look before I make up my mind for sure, but I might run up grab the tissue and maybe some toilet paper.  My family hated the Scott tissue and we are finally on out last roll but not sure I want to invest in so much rough paper lol

I am having mixed emotions on this... Jordan (15 yr olds boyfriend) has decided to stay closer to home and play football for the junior college about 45 minutes away.  He is hoping it will lead to a better option for him his junior and senior years for football.  Moo and Jordan are really getting too close for my liking.  She is only 15 and I hate to see her be so serious about one boy so early ... he will be off at school and since he will be playing ball he wont be able to come home for homecoming and of course she wouldn't go with anyone else so she will miss out.  I remember many girls back in high school that did the same thing and they really regret it now.  He is a great boy and I am not saying I want them to break up, but I wouldn't be too terribly upset if things sort of dwindled after he left for school.  I guess I was hoping it would be a little further away.  Pearl River is just so close....

well what happens will happen I suppose.  I really do like him and I think he is good for Margaret, but I want her to really enjoy high school!  You are only young once!!

She is 5'9" so you can see what a big boy he is lol.  They are sweet... I hate that I have these mixed feelings.  He makes her happy and I do want her to be happy, I just don't want any regrets I guess.  ??????????

dance or soccer?

So the Steppers (high school dance team my daughter is on) are having a dance clinic today for a fundraiser for NYC in March.  Pooh, the baby (4), plays soccer.  Today is the clinic and its 38 out there right now with a high of 58 today.  Dance clinic is inside, soccer is outside.  DANCE CLINIC IT IS!!  :) 


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anyone need a Sharpie??

I am consolidating my 2 RA runs into this one picture and blog... I did already write one so really this is everything for today ... forget about the post below lol

Ok I am crazy, but I love Sharpies and I got them free so I stocked up. They had double bonus packs for the same price as the 8 pks... so 16 sharpies for the price of 8.

4 bonus 16 ct packs of color sharpies  (+26 ups  ... all sharpies)
3 Ultra fine retractable Sharpies
4 cans of white bumble bee tuna  ($1 up - read somewhere it was producing $5 ups ... it did not)
3 Hersheys chocolate syrups  (+ $3 ups)
1 red Diamond tea



Spent $3.73 + $3.13 tax = $6.86 cash OOP

I earned $6 in + ups too ... so everything cost me $0.86 today :)

$0.10 Sharpies at Rite Aid!

I just did a Sharpie deal at Rite Aid ... got the bonus packs (total of 34 Sharpie markers!!)

2 16 packs of color sharpies - $8.99 + $4.49 = $13.48 (BOGO 50%)
2 Ultra fine black sharpies - $1.99 + $0.99 = $2.98  (BOGO 50%)

total = $16.46 + $1.15 tax = $17.61
used $16 UPS = paid $1.61 cash OOP
earned $13 + UPS

comes to about $0.10 per marker! not too bad.
It also brought me up to $87.19 on my resolution Reward! I may go do it one more time and get $33 UPS!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just saved another $60.24 at RA ... trip #2 today

can you say ADDICT?

ok my kids devoured the beef jerky and I really wanted a couple to save for ME while they are in school.  Unfortunatly there was only 1 with a $1 peelie sooo I paid $1 for 2 lol ... I am getting spoiled.  My other 4 this morning made me $1 lol ... so I guess I got 6 for free if you look at it that way ... ok I feel better now :)

here's trip #2

8 boxes of Barilla pasta (no coupons)
6 boxes of Motrin PM  - 3  $6/2 coupons
2 beef jerky - $1 coupon

used $14 UPS and got $25 UPS back
ZERO OOP ... spent tax only which was $2.30

walked in with $22 UPS and left with $33 UPS.

Have I ever mentioned I love Rite Aid haha

A great morning at Rite Aid! - saved $179.00 today!

ok, at Walgreens I got some more Cover Girl tinted moisturizer and a transluscent powder -

$0.48 + $0.21 tax = $0.69 OOP (used $2.50 off 2 CG Q - it was $1.99 each and 50% off 2nd)
$1.99+ $0.99 = $2.98 - $2.50 Q = $0.48
saved - $20.50

and on to Rite Aid (no + ups really needed to do this if you start with the FREE cereal & Motrin you will make $8 + ups and only pay tax!!)

I started with $8 + ups and left with $22 + ups!! That makes me happy :)
I spent $0.84 + $6.75 tax = $7.59 total OOP
Total saved - $158.50

4 bottles of Motrin PM - 2 $6/2 coupons
2 Spic & Span lint rollers - $1/2 coupon
1 Spic & Span dish scrubber $1/2 coupon (with duster)
1 Spic & Span duster
6 Tylenol Precise pain cream - 3  $6/2 coupons
4 bags of Oh Boy Oberto Beef Jerky  4 $1 coupons & 2 $0.50 RA VV coupons
4 bags of Wonderful Pistacios  4 $1 coupons
4 Clean & Clear face wash  - 4 $2 coupons & 4 $1 in ad coupons
2 Clean & Clear face astringent - 2 $2 coupons & 1 $1 in ad coupons
2 boxes of Special K cereal - BOGO coupon

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Walgreens run...

So I discovered this new fun way to shop at Walgreens.  It's called "Last Chance"!  Thursday I went to have my ink cartridges filled and saw all these stickers that said "last chance" on them.  I didnt have any coupons that matched up to the few things I bought, but I thought to myself  hmmm if I can hit these last chance deals and matchup some coupons with them that would be awesome!!  So I headed over to the nearest Walgreens tonight to see if I could do some damage! 

heres my trip

1 - 25 oz Pantene shampoo - $1.79
Pantene hairspray - $1.19
Garnier hair gel - $1.09
2 Cover Girl tinted moisturizers BOGO 50% off - $1.99 + $0.99 = $2.98

coupons used
$2.50 off 2 Covergirl
$3.00 off 2 Pantene (adjusted to $2.98)
$1 off Garnier
$0.49 + $0.57 tax = $1.06 OOP
saved $30.48

At Walgreens ... wow. I found a new way to shop at Walgreens! :) I am pretty excited ... now to find out when they change their deals up??  I just hate using their RR.  I get all flustered when I find out I have broken their rules lol ... I suppose I could go in buy something get a RR and turn around and use it on my last chance deals lol

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ok so I typed up this whole long blog entry and lost it on Sunday.  I was so upset I seriously was thinking of quitting the blogging lol.  But tonight on another BIG blog this lady tells me she ENJOYS my blog!!  OMG someone actually reads it???  ok, so maybe I will start up again... but its past my bedtime, so not tonight! 

BUT... for Debby and anyone else wondering ....


it was an amazing night!  over 3500 dancers there and I can say I enjoyed almost every single dance.  I am so happy I was there to share it with my daughter!  Then we went to Taco Bell Drive thru and got $13 worth of garbage food and sat in the hotel room pigging out.  It was priceless!!