Sunday, November 28, 2010

Can you say ADDICT??

ok 2 trips to Rite Aid today!  I can not say this enough  I LOVE THAT STORE!!!!!!

Trip #1

4 transactions.  I started with no UPS because my sweet Pooh NEEDED a pillow pet from Santa and I used my ups last week!  So here is what I got!  If you have questions on which coupons I used or how I did it I am happy to answer, but I am thinking not too many people actually read through this lol ... I did find out there seems to be a limit of 2 on the Crest Oral B deal.  The 2/$5 with 1+ ups back.  I got my $1 + up this morning and I went back this afternoon and bought 3 more toothbrushes and a toothpaste and only got 1 more + up.  Let me know if yall are coming across that too.  Its not advertised in the ad.

‎2 Oral B toothbrushes

2 Gillette Gift Packs (razor, shaving cream, body wash)

2 Gillette Fusion ProGlide power razors

18 Gillette deodorants (yes a lot, but I was down to 8 and it goes quick)

1 sweet tea
Spent $7.31 + $6.57 tax = $13.88 OOP
saved $150.84.
Walked in with ZERO + ups and left with $15 + ups and a $10 off certificate to!!
So basically I got paid to take it all out of the store!


  1. I noticed that too with the $1 up for the crest/oral etc.

    My friend is very successful with calling them and reporting it sine there isn't a limit and them sending you via snail mail a coupon worth $ off anything (like an up-reward).

    I also was only allowed 4 Gillette deodorants per transaction according to the coupon. :P Which it says on there but it messed up my plan. ha ha.

  2. If my dead brain is correct, you should have gotten $25 off nflshop.
    18*3.50=$63 alone... without counting the toothbrushes.

  3. @ Lindsey... I did this in 4 transactions so no, I did not get the $25 nfl. oh well. I actually didnt realize it until it printed on the receipt that I qualified for it. Had I taken it into consideration I may not have split it all up ... oh well.

    @ sodbusters - my Rite Aid didnt put a limit on the # of deodorants at one time. hmmmm I purchased 10 in one transaction. I didnt notice a limit of 4 on the coupon, I guess they didnt either.

  4. That's awesome! :) So glad that it worked out for you. :D

  5. Ah! That makes total sense! To be honest, I got the $25 code and you can't combine it with sales or free shipping so I'm really bummed about that. I was hoping to get a customized shirt DH has been crying for but I still can't bring myself to pay $13 for it and shipping! I'm too spoiled by free shipping!

    PS- I'm following you now because you are a Rite Aid GODDESS!

  6. hahaha I have never been called a GODDESS ... I like the sound of that! :) thanks lol

    yeah everytime I have to pay shipping online I cringe... I spend so much time digging for free shipping codes online lol I looked at the custom jerseys $99!!! Even with the 20% off coupon code I saw it was still too much! Glad you told me you cant use this on sale items or combine it though, now I am pretty sure I wont be using that coupon! Glad I didnt buy all that stuff just to get it, it was just a "bonus" ... I was planning on buying it anyway. Thanks for following! :) have a great weekend!

  7. Psht. I did not need more mens deo or toothpaste... or Dayquil! But I guess since I spent $17, got $13up and the $25, it wasn't a total waste. I'm just starting so I only had a few UP to use.

  8. well you did great!!! If you ever read back to like the beginning of Aug when I started, I would spend $20 and save like $30 and be super excited lol ... now when I do that I feel a huge sense of disappointment haha