Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Fight at Rite Aid???

ok, so I just ran to RA to get some buns and BBQ sauce... I decided to grab some of the $1.99 cereal too since I havent bought cereal since before Christmas!!  I didnt have my q's but I knew the Frosted Flakes were giving a + up ... I was just HOPING the Fruit Loops, Corn Pops and Apple Jacks would too.  No such luck.  oh well ... $1.99 a box is still cheaper than Walmart and we needed some sugary kids cereal.  All we had left was the "yucky healthy" stuff lol   (no photo)

So I am checking out and I use $18 ups and $1.28 cash ... get $5 + ups back.  But its all good.  I have so many anyway and I need to save my cash for produce and meat, gas etc...

So anyway, I am checking out and the cashier says,  "were you here last Sunday?"  I said, "yes, in the morning."  She said, "did you hear about the 2 couponers that got in a fight?" 

WTH????  hahahahaha  no... no one said anything to me.  I have to get the scoop on this though.  lol  She didnt have all the details, but now I am curious.  I wonder if one was the lady who gave me a dirty look this morning ... hmmmm I have never seen her before.  Maybe she was coming in early to avoid running into someone later??  lol   ohhhh I MUST get to scoop. 

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