Saturday, July 31, 2010

Another failed attempt at couponing...

OK, so I sat for probably 2 hours planning a trip to Rite Aid for maybe 8-10 items hahaha
But I had it all worked out to the penny!  Everything in order and written down.  Coupons clipped and attached to my list.  I was going on a mission!  I would have purchased $25.and some odd cents worth of goodies for a mere $5.21 out of pocket!  Earning $7.00 in + up rewards!  I was ready to strike it rich  ;) 

I get to Rite Aid and notice the first item on my list was not on sale for $4.99 like the ad stated but at it's regular price of $7.99.  No, this was all wrong!!  This was not what I had planned at all.  I almost felt like I was on a hidden camera show or something.  OK, I knew I had to spend $25 to get my $5 off coupon but I couldn't spend $3.00 more than I had planned.  It would have ruined my whole plan.  So I thought I could surely find some thing in the $5 range with a $2 off coupon!  So I shook it off. 

Then, I went to find the 4 bottles of Nivea body wash.  THEY WERE SOLD OUT!  What?!?  All I thought was "I cant do this anymore" ... I left the store feeling defeated and deflated.  I was so pumped up and ready to make $1.79 today! 

So, no more trusting online ads.  And no more waiting until the last day of the sale.  I have not given up.  It was just not at all what I expected to happen.  I wanted to come home and show off all my treasures and have my whole family  ooohhh and ahhhh over them.  Which I know they wouldn't have done but in my fantasy they did ... but in my fantasy I made $1.79 after using all my coupons today.  HA I guess that just shows me I need to come back to reality.  So tomorrow is Sunday and I am hoping the corner store has the papers bright and early!!

Wish me luck!  :)

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