Sunday, July 25, 2010

Way too much time alone today!

Ok my family should be all be rolling in soon except for the 20 year old... she is out of town visiting friends until Tuesday.  The blogging will have to end for the day, but I have to share a secret that has made me an "amazing cook". 

Seriously.  I have used this to marinade pork chops, pork tenderloin, chicken breasts and even chicken thighs.  I have grilled and cooked in the oven.  When I use this I am the QUEEN of the kitchen.  My entire family drools ... and with a family of 6 that is no easy task.  I personally gave up meat and dairy 2 months ago, but cant get the rest of the brood to follow my lead ... yet!!  So I have been marinading some chicken thighs for the past 3-4 hours and will soon be firing up the grill!  I cant wait to see my family.  It's been a very long day!  The baby, who I call Pooh all the time, came home about 30 minutes ago and we went out in the back yard just to jump in some puddles.  I love her so much.  Life really can be simple sometimes.  

Time to fire up the grill!! 


  1. Following from MBC :) My daughter makes a mean marinade for chicken kabobs ... I love them!

  2. yum! Will have to try this marinade! Saw your post over on mom bloggers and I am now following :)

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