Friday, July 30, 2010

My trial run as a coupon cutting mommy... epic fail.

OK, so I did the coupon thing at Rite Aid yesterday.  I am pretty sure most professionals would laugh at this, but it was my first attempt, and I left feeling pretty good about myself! 

 I cant seem to upload the picture of the receipt!   Its in my phone and it wont let me email it to my facebook so I can save it on my computer and post it here.  If there is anyway to email a picture to my blog please let me know!  Until I can get a new camera or fix the one I have my phone is my only option!  So its hard to see my stuff... its 2 bottles of laundry detergent, 2 tubes of toothpaste, dental floss, toothbrush, 12 pack of batteries and 3 bottles of soft soap. 

But the receipt states I spent $18.65.  Saved $27.31 in Wellness savings and $7.00 in coupons.  I earned $3 in +Up Rewards for my next visit!  Rite Aid is way more of an expensive store than I would normally shop at, but with the B1G1, Wellness discounts, and +Up Rewards ... I may be shopping there a little more often.  I will start planning ahead better though.  I didn't have a good pile of coupons to work from this time.  If I had coupons for Purex and Arm & Hammer toothpaste it could have been more profitable.  I did have a $5.00 off coupon for joining the Wellness program.  I have 2 more $5 off coupons to use by the end of September too!  I will try to start clipping more coupons and plan a little better before my next visit.

Now Walmart... I bombed.  I didn't have the weekly ads for Winn Dixie or Rouses.  So, I looked them up online.  They both had some amazing deals!!  I called Walmart to ask if they would price match.  She said they would and they have copies of the ads at register 20 so I wouldn't have to print the ads.  I went to the store.  I had only $80 on me.  But I was determined to get what I needed.  My coupons were not organized the way I would have liked and I had 2 children with me.  A 4 year old begging for cupcakes, cookies, popcorn and candy.  I was getting a little frazzled.   I went to get the flyers at register 20.  They didn't have them!!!  I had no flyers to show my price matches!  I had very few coupons.  So as the cashier was scanning I was getting nervous.  She got to $78.97 and there were still about 6 more items.  I screamed "STOP!  I only have $80.00"  So needless to say the cupcakes did not make it into the bags.  Pooh cried.  But I didn't get my Chile Lime Almonds either!!   You didn't see me crying over it!  Anyway, I was so upset about not being able to price match and running out of money I forgot to use my $*%^* coupons!!!  I could have saved like $6 with the coupons and at least gotten her cupcakes!  Oh well, this is why I didn't post yesterday.  My day  sort of went like that.   I am hoping to clip a little more and plan a little better.  I will be taking my own ads with me next time to Walmart and will be leaving the children at home!  This is going to take practice and I do not need them distracting me while I try to perfect this skill!  

Happy Friday everyone!  Have a blessed weekend!   


  1. Don't give up, it takes a while to really the hang of couponing! If you ever need any help, let me know. Also, a great website (other than my blog: is

  2. oh I love your blog!! I was on it half the day today! haha

  3. dang I just searched and found a coupon for $1 off A&H toothpaste wow... I should have searched before I went. oh well. next time!! I can never have too much toothpaste at this house!

  4. I think that it is great that you are trying. Any money saved helps. I had to find creative ways of getting lots of coupons so that I wasn't buying so many newspapers. My first attempts at Rite Aid were failures, and sometimes I will walk out of the store if it seems that a deal idea I had won't work. I love working out deals for Rite Aid and wouldn't mind helping you create scenarios if you'd like. And don't feel bad about Walmart. I have to add as I go and sometimes I make a mistake and have to ask them to take things off too and I have never had the guts to price match. So often they are grumpy about the coupons I don't want to ask for anything else. You are doing great and it will get easier!!!!