Monday, July 26, 2010

BP oil is killing us.

We love to fish and we really do rely on it to feed the family a couple days a week.  It's starting to take its toll on us now.  Pray for us please.  I found this on another blog and love it. 

Please Lord help me and my family. 

I love living near the beach but it's been so hard since Katrina.  This is my home and I want to stay. 


  1. Hi! Found you through Mom Bloggers Club... just wanted to pop in & say HI! Sounds like you are working hard to surprise your husband!!

  2. I have a good friend that lives on the coast. Her husband was a fisherman, and is now out of work until the clean up happens. This is such an important, relevant subject. Thanks for this post!

    Following you from Mom Bloggers Club! : )

  3. Thanks for coming over to my blog and reading! I really appreciate it! I am following you both now, but today is my baby's birthday and I am going to sign off and get everything ready to make this day special for her! I will pop back over and read your blogs tomorrow. We did not lose income from the oil, but we have lost meals, which in a way has effected our bottom line. And, yes, I am working hard to try to surprise my amazing husband with this trip!! I have started cleaning a house to put aside money too!! Yesterday was a hard day for him, his son that passed away would have turned 16. Today his daughter turns 4. So its a bittersweet week for him. I wish I knew how to make things easier.