Thursday, December 16, 2010

feeling the need to earn +UPS

Last night I had to take Margaret to Rite Aid.  She needed "longer, thicker fake eyelashes" for competition and some black knee high tights.  Ok, I made $40 at RA I can use my + ups!!  Well we get there and she was like "Oh yeah, mom, I need snacks for the bus and hotel too"  Of course you do... good thing I have my coupon book, only she doesnt want raisins!  She wants Cheetoes, pringles, pistacios and candy ... but I have a coupon for raisins!!  So I am convincing myself to buy it, "oh well ... just do it, buy her what she wants and use the free money you made today on it, who cares!!  it was free money, make your daughter happy"  So I got her $27 (tax inc) worth of stuff, used $3 in coupons, $22 + ups and $2 in cash. 

Wow I feel the need to find more puzzles and Eco tools!!!  haha I really am sick.  Oh and I felt nauseous spending real $$$ at Walmart today.  Rite Aid has turned me into some sort of crazy woman!!!

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  1. i feel you. last week i spent all my ups and had none in return for the first time since i started couponing way back in august. it felt totally foreign to me, and of course this week I did everything i could to spend $0 oop, and earn a max amount of UPS back. whew, thank goodness for the Nivea Lip balm Deal (paid tx only and got $10 UPR back). lol.