Monday, December 13, 2010

Rite Aid does it again!!

What a great ad this week for Rite Aid!!!  24 pages??  wow... I had a benefit to attend for a friend Saturday night and had a little too much to drink so my brain was not into figuring out the deals!!  But I am sure I will go back today or tomorrow to see if I can do some more great buys!  Here is what I did...

$5.96 + $3.46 tax = $9.42 OOP
saved $97.81
started with $11 + UPS and left with $24 + UPS! I made money today!! :)

ok I ran up to Rite Aid and did a few small transactions. But when I got home I completely freaked out and decided I needed 8 more candles. So there are 2 pictures. haha  I had to run back up there and I am even thinking I may go get more candles I have a few more coupons lol.

12 Airwick candles
5 Revlon nail clippers
5 Revlon emory boards
2 - 3 pk of RA tape
2 Colgate Sensitive toothpaste

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