Friday, December 3, 2010

ok... a little down time

Today Jordan turns 18.  He is my 15 year old daughter's boyfriend.  While I really like him and think he is a great boy, I dont like the fact that my baby girl is dating an 18 year old.  But neither does Jordans mother.  She called me a little freaked out.  She wants me to call a dr and make sure Margaret gets some sort of "protection".  Ok, yes I know its time to start thinking on those lines, but not really liking the fact that she told me her son has "too much to lose" if Margaret gets pregnant.  Like Margaret doesnt???  She also said "I love Margaret to death so dont take this the wrong way, but Margaret has him just where she wants him, under her thumb" and she isnt real crazy about that either.  Wow really?  Because I was sort of thinking that Jordan had Mar right where he wanted her.  He even told her he wanted her to go to the same college as him, made her promise.  I am not freaking over it because that is 2 years away and I really doubt they will survive the long distance relationship thing.  He has talked to a college way up north... like PA or something.  But more than likely will be somewhere close.  There are a couple schools in LA paying attention to him, one in TN, AR and a few in MS.  Bama is not happening. 

But, honestly, I was a little insulted.  Yes, her son is more than likely playing college ball.  Pro?  Probably not.  I mean be realistic here people, the chances of going pro are like 1 in a million.  Yes, he is a big boy, but I am not thinking that Margaret is going to be the one to hold him back from going pro.  GEEZ she isnt even holding him back from going to any college that invites him to play.  If he ends up 800 miles away, then he ends up 800 miles away.  She knows that could happen and she isnt begging him to stay close to home. 

I just didnt like the way she insinuated that my daughter would intentionally hold Jordan back.  Either by getting prego on purpose or tell him not to leave her.  Margaret has dreams too... albeit more realistic dreams, but she would love to go to college on a dance and/or volleyball scholarship.  She really wants to play for a junior college not too far from home.  (she says she is scared to go too far lol... and honestly, I think those dreams are realistic.)  Then if she does well, maybe a bigger college will offer her a scholarship to dance at their school.  I am hoping Ole Miss!!!  :)  I think she would make a gorgeous Rebelette!!

Well I just needed to get that off my chest.  It was insulting and it hurt my feelings. 

Now I have to go pick up some bouquets of flowers to give to Margaret tonight at her dance recital.  I love watching her dance.  Oh and we went and got cast #3 put on this morning... big time breakage in the wrist still  :(

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