Friday, December 3, 2010

2 more trips and saved another $41.77... great week of savings though

No pictures from Wags... but I had to go take advantage of the $0.49 BIC Luminere lighters!  I LOVE candles and we use up those lighters quick!  So I bought 5!!  They are on sale for $2.99 and I used the $1.50 manu coupon with the $1 Wags coupon and paid $0.49 each!!  They usually go for over $3 each at Walmart... I was pretty excited!!  I also got 3 bags of christmas cookies at $0.99 each with their in ad coupon and 3 boxes of envelopes for $0.59 each, again with their in ad coupon. 

total OOP with tax $10.07 and saved like $28 (cant find the reciept lol)

1 trip to Rite Aid again  ... no picture for one and that one I wasnt super happy with, but I went in unprepared...

ughh forgot to get candy canes for the tree... so had to go back to rite aid. I cant just walk in and buy 5 boxes of candy canes. I got 5 boxes of candy canes, 2 lysol sprays,  5 tic tacs,  1 covergirl cover up stick, and  3 rolls of wrapping paper.

total spent OOP $0.94 (inc tax)  and saved $31.71 (no photo everything was grabbed up lol)  The bad part, I used $8 + ups and earned $1 up.  So I have $8 ups left.

I have not had time to look at the new Rite Aid ad yet, but I sure hope there are some good deals Sunday!! 
Today is going to be crazy busy ... off I go to start my whirlwind of a day!!  Hope you have a great weekend!

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