Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Bit the bullet and drove 20 miles to the next RA

ok, so I NEVER drive 2 towns over to the next Rite Aid, but I really wanted to see if they had those $0.74 Disney figurines and puzzles... jackpot!! 

Here's the story. Spent   -$0.03 + $3.36 tax = $3.33 total cash OOP
saved $69.56.
But the BEST part I earned $33 more in + ups!!! So it was like making $30 this time! I now have $74 +ups!

I would have $85 + ups but I had Pooh with me today!!  lol
‎17 Disney puzzles
6 Disney figurines
6 rolls of tape
4 boxes of envelopes
10 bath sponge thingies
1 box of candy canes (pooh)
1 nerf ball (pooh)
1 roll of bubble gum tape (pooh)
1 coke (not pictured)  (pooh)

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