Thursday, December 16, 2010


First I want to start out by saying that I absolutely love living on the MS Gulf Coast... 75 today.  Sunny and 75 on December 16th.  I just love that.  Now granted it could be 35 next week, but I am just enjoying this today!!

ok, Its that time of year again... off to Jackson for state competition for Dance Team!!  I tried to upload the video of their kick dance, but I just got an error message... so if you know how to let me know!!  Its a great dance! 

so good luck girls and bring home another 1st place KICK this year!!

So this morning as I am driving, shortly after dropping the kids off at school and I get a call from the vice principal telling me that Joe is in her office and is spending the day in ISS.  WTH???  I just dropped the kid off?!?!?  How? What? Why?  So she is quickly explaining it and I hang up with the impression he and some friends produced counterfeit money and distributed fliers about some fake disease??  So after I try to absorb everything I have just heard and figure out what is going on, I call her back ... here's the real story. 

Joe and 4 of his friends made up some sort of fake flyer and passed it out around school and taped it up in the bathrooms... Here is what it says:


BHS Foundation for a better life is spreading awareness about Squaids.

SQUAIDS is the spread of AIDS through squirrels and it is very dangerous.

We will be holding an informational program at the school gym at 3:30

free vaccines will be distributed at 613 Old Spanish Trail

Please donate money to the BHS Foundation for a better life to stop the spreading of SQUAIDS

Millions of kids are dying in America and Africa alone from SQUAIDS

We need yor help to stop this disease

December 16th is National SQUAIDS Day. Bring $1 and donate to BHS Foundation for a Better Life.


so ... my son took his finals today in ISS with 5 of his trouble making funny little friends.  That was my excitement for the day... how about you?  Did your kids make you laugh??  And if you dont find this funny, then you are more than likely not the mother of a 13 year old boy.


  1. How did they do at the competition? RA hasn't been that exciting this week...
    Have you gotten some good deals?

  2. hey there!! Sorry I have been swamped with Christmas and News Years! I bought tons of pens and pencils hahaha ... nothing too spectacular! I was going to scrap my blog... but I am rethinking it! lol