Wednesday, November 24, 2010

2 NEED only trips to Rite Aid

ok, no pictures since everything was either delivered or grabbed up the minute I walked through the door!  I hate having to spend so much but my sweet 15 and 13 year olds faces both broke out this week!!  UGHHH 

Trip #1

2 tubes of Clearasil Ultra medicated cream - $10.99 - $8.49 each (with my 20% disc)
2 Pepridge farm cookies - $1.99 each
1 gallon of milk - $2.39 (with 20% off)
4 Bubble tape bubble gum BOGO - (promised Pooh she could get some)- $1.29 each


2 - $2 in RA ad Q off Clearasil
2 - $1 off Clearasil Q
2- $1 off Pepridge Farm Q
1 - $5 off $25 Q
1 - $2 rebate check from Gillette

$12.18 OOP - did not use any + ups because I wasnt earning any, and I had them all ready for Thanksgiving Day sales in my plan already! 

Saved $25.18

Trip #2 - for my sweet friend Ellen going through Chemo right now.  She can only stomach Welch's 100% pure White Grape Juice and mentioned she couldnt find it at Walmart...

4 - Welch's White grape juice - sale $2.99
2 Planters nuts - sale $3.99
1 chocolate covered cherry - $0.26


$4 off $20 Q
2 - $1 off Welchs juice (I only had 2 Qs)
1 - $1 off 2 Planters Nuts
$5 in + ups

total OOP - $9.33
total + ups earned $9.00

Saved $28.37

I normally would never spend $21 on so few items, but all were needed and I still saved over $51.  I know I am getting spoiled by my Rite Aid deals when I feel like spending $21 and saving $51 is a let down hahaha

I am so happy and grateful I was able to find my beautiful friend the juice she needs and a can of cashews to give her the energy she needs to make it through the day.  Praying she beats this awful lung cancer and is able to watch her children grow up get married and have beautiful grand babies!!!


  1. Good job on the Rite-Aid trips....
    So sweet of you to do for your friend like that too. ;-)

    I've got my Qs and +Ups ready to go for Friday too. I just hope I can drag my weary bones out of bed before the crack of

  2. haha yeah right you will probably be the first one at the door! Cant wait to see your deals! You always do so well!!