Friday, November 26, 2010

Why do I bother going to WAGS?

Ran to Walgreens... not sure why really, I hate that place ughhh all their limits and rules. But here is what I got. ignore all the ads on my bed lol I am plotting my Black Friday trips. Spent $8.66 + $1.52 tax = $10.18 OOP saved $40.60

‎6 rolls of wrapping paper
3- 3 packs of scotch tape (GREAT DEAL!!!  $3 at Walmart, $3.50 at Kmart.  $0.99 with in ad Q at WAGS)
1 can Herbal Essence hairspray
1 pack of Gum Flossers
4 pack of BIC disposable razors (for the girls to take when spending the night out, hate my good ones disappearing!!!)
1 Colgate Total
1 Vapor inhaler(stuffy nose for pooh & nothing is working)


  1. You did good at Wags! I gave it up a long time ago because anytime I went the deals would be wiped clean!

  2. Thanks! I was going to do the Secret body spray and Olay body wash deal with the $5 coupon, but not a single body wash left on the shelf. oh well, I hate buying one of anything anyway and they wont let you roll... its just too hard to plan the trips. The only reason I saved so much OOP was because I did 2 transactions ... the first one I made $10.50 in RR and used those to pay for the second and the 3 packs of scotch tape I saved $4.30 on each!! They are regularly $5.29 there and I got them for $0.99 each! I couldnt pass that up with so much wrapping in my future lol