Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

I had a nice relaxing day with my kids and husband today!  Seriously the most stress I had was when I grabbed the wrong nuts at Rite Aid and not only didn't get my + ups but paid FULL PRICE!!  lol  well if that was the most stressful thing to happen in my day I welcome it!  :) 

Dinner turned out great!!  The stuffing was my favorite, and appropriately named "stuffing" because it did its job well. 

I went to Rite Aid at 9 am when they opened.  Wow lots of people go to Rite Aid on Thanksgiving day.  I got most of what I went in for and besides a couple glitches it went well.  Since there were so many people in and out it took forever!!  I don't like to hold up lines so I just waited around until it cleared out and did a transaction.  Stepped aside, got my next transaction ready to go and waited til the coast was clear... it took forever,  6 transactions 1 hour and 40 minutes lol.  Here is my loot. 

‎3 - 4 packs of Cottonelle toilet paper
2 - Revlon Ionic hair dryers
1 Conair hair trimmer
1 pink piggy bank
1 Pillow Pet
12 Vaseline lotions
4 boxes of cereal
2 Colgate toothpaste
10 candy bars
1 box of Pot O Gold chocolates
4 Secret deodorants (YAY! women's!!)
2 Nyquil
2 shaving gels
1 tin of butter cookies
2 cans of Planters nuts
1 Old Spice body spray (Joe loves this stuff lol)
Spent $21.08 + $8.35 tax = $29.63 OOP Saved $221.39!


  1. I am assuming you did the Rite Aid Coupon Conair deal? They ended up free? Had to get a raincheck on those. I was so excited though. ;)

  2. no, I didnt have a coupon for the conair??? Was that the one in the flu book? If so, my Rite Aid doesnt have those coupon books because they dont offer the shot. :( still did good though. I cant complain!! :)