Monday, November 29, 2010

A love hate relationship...

So I have a love hate relationship with the town I live in.  I love living in a small town and I absolutely HATE living in a small gossiping town.  But you have to take the good with the bad I suppose. 

So Friday Moos boyfriend is turning 18 and he has been after me for a few months telling me that I need to sign a contract when he turns 18 promising I wont have him arrested hahaha.  If you lived in my town, and knew me back in high school, you would understand why this is so funny to me.  My dad had Sam (my husband) arrested in 1986.  I was 15 and Sam was 18.... or maybe we were 16 and 19??  I cant remember... anyway, it has Jordan nervous. 

I am already known as the hardass mom.  The strict mom that everyone is afraid of.  Well, if he REALLY knew me he would know I would never call the cops and have him arrested.  If he ever did anything that would make me want him arrested he would WISH the cops were all he had to deal with after getting done with me :)

So right now I am looking for a cop to go to his house Friday morning.  He turns 18 on Friday and I want to get a cop to go over there before he leaves for school pretending I am having him arrested lol.  I know a couple cops around here, but they are in Waveland ... one town over (but basically the same town,  2 small towns that share schools and blend together).  I want it to look real and I when he comes out in cuffs Margaret and I will be outside with balloons and his gifts VIDEOTAPING him lol.  Ok so I am a little twisted... I think it would be hilarious.

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