Saturday, January 15, 2011

Break up?

ok weird ... i just did the post about my 15 yr old and her boyfriend.... meanwhile I found out my 20 yr old and her boyfriend, Cory, just broke up.  They have been together for over a year and I am a little shocked.  Personally, I thought they wouldn't make it long term because he is in the service and I really don't think she is cut out to be the wife of a serviceman, but I did not see this coming.  She is with a friend right now, but I wish she would come home and talk to me.  I know she has got to be hurting and I want to be here for her.  But I also know that at this age friends are the ones they turn to.  Tay and Cory were supposed to leave for Orlando Monday to go to the Harry Potter studios ... she has been wanting to do this since they opened in June.  It was her Christmas present from Cory.  This makes me so sad for her.  I hope she is doing ok and doesn't do anything stupid.  20 year olds don't make the best decisions and down here drinking is a big thing for her age... we are so close to New Orleans and it is definitely a party atmosphere down here. 

saying a little prayer for my baby girl.  I love her so much. 

Taylor and my mom on Christmas day.  Yes she is wearing 3 inch heels lol ... her 13 year old brother is just about to pass her up!!  My baby ... my heart.  I love my kids so much, its so hard to watch them go through the crap life throws at us. 

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