Saturday, January 15, 2011

take a week off?

I am thinking of taking a week off Rite Aid.  I might go see what they have on the shelves for the tissue that will be a small MM with my 20% off, but there is nothing grabbing my eye.  Am I missing something??  I need to take a closer, harder look before I make up my mind for sure, but I might run up grab the tissue and maybe some toilet paper.  My family hated the Scott tissue and we are finally on out last roll but not sure I want to invest in so much rough paper lol

I am having mixed emotions on this... Jordan (15 yr olds boyfriend) has decided to stay closer to home and play football for the junior college about 45 minutes away.  He is hoping it will lead to a better option for him his junior and senior years for football.  Moo and Jordan are really getting too close for my liking.  She is only 15 and I hate to see her be so serious about one boy so early ... he will be off at school and since he will be playing ball he wont be able to come home for homecoming and of course she wouldn't go with anyone else so she will miss out.  I remember many girls back in high school that did the same thing and they really regret it now.  He is a great boy and I am not saying I want them to break up, but I wouldn't be too terribly upset if things sort of dwindled after he left for school.  I guess I was hoping it would be a little further away.  Pearl River is just so close....

well what happens will happen I suppose.  I really do like him and I think he is good for Margaret, but I want her to really enjoy high school!  You are only young once!!

She is 5'9" so you can see what a big boy he is lol.  They are sweet... I hate that I have these mixed feelings.  He makes her happy and I do want her to be happy, I just don't want any regrets I guess.  ??????????

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