Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saved 90% at Rite Aid today ... again. spent $0.81 (+ tax) SAVED $81.64

This was more or less just a quick money maker trip ... but after I bought the vitamins I thought maybe it wouldnt hurt to actually start taking some of these vitamins I keep buying... I am not getting any younger.

ok, so I have planning all week to go do this deal to build back a little of my + UPS and yesterday (1/29) was the last day to do it. Here's my trip...

2 bottles of Fish Oil capsuls - $15.99 each - (with Gold member disc) $12.79 each
2 bottles of CoQ10 - $23.99 each - (w/ disc) - $19.19 each
1 bag of gummy candy hearts (consumed and not pictured) lol - $1.79

total - $0.81 + $4.60 tax = $5.41 cash OOP
total saved - $81.64

Started with $15.94 in + UPS and left with $36 in + UPS
Thank you Rite Aid for once again paying me to shop at your store. I will be back

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