Sunday, January 16, 2011

Toilet paper and chips ... RA 1/16

Not much at Rite Aid this week that I wanted, but we use toilet paper like crazy. This isnt the brand I would normally buy but when you coupon, beggars cant be choosers... its not a bad toilet paper either, feels like Angel Soft so we are good. :) I stopped at Walgreens to get the Homestyle Mac & Cheese (Margaret's favorite) usually on sale at Walmart for $2 a bag. After coupons I got 6 bags for $1 plus tax. The chips will go fast since I dont buy many snacks. Taylor already grabbed a bag to hide hahaha ... and the chili is for making dips.

the breakdown ...

Rite Aid - started with $34 in UPS and left with $41 in UPS - so I earned $7 in ups.
spent $3.89 + $2.59 tax = $6.48 total OOP (which means everything was free)

7 - 4 packs of Simplify bathroom tissue
5 single rolls of RA toilet paper
6 boxes of RA facial tissue
11 bags of TGIF potato chips
8 cans of Hormel chili  (2 - $0.55/2 q IP)

and at Walgreens

spent $1.00 + $0.70 tax = $1.70 total OOP

6 bags of Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese (6 - $1 off q from ss 1/16 & 3- $1/2 wags q)

so total today I spent including tax $8.18 and earned $7 for future purchases... all this for $1.18 ... not bad, considering I bought 2 bags of the Mac & Cheese last week at Walmart for $4.28!!

Saved $17 at Walgreens and $61.01 at Rite Aid. total saved $78.01.

Not my best week, but not too bad I guess. Maybe I will look closer at the ad for some good buys later in the week. We were down to our last pack of toilet paper and had no kleenex in the house so I needed this today and it was all free after ups .. how can you pass up free??

  (ps - I dont think the blue boxes of facial tissues were included in the deal, and they rang up at $1.19 I think??  My cashier gave me the $3 in ups off my next transaction... just be careful you grab the right boxes)


  1. Great job!!! I too pilfered Rite Aid for a lot of toilet paper and the Christmas clearance was 90% starting today so a lot of good deals!

  2. What an odd bunch of stuff! Lol! Great job! Thanks for a review of the Simplify tp. I was wondering!

  3. looks like we had a very similar shopping trip. i got the wrong boxes of facial tissue as well. lol. my store manager did the same for me basically. and i got 6 bags of mac n cheese for $1 + tx as well. wow, i got to may store too late for the chili and tgif though. we have some aspiring tlc shoppers at my store. there is a couple that hits all the stores and literally buys up all the stock on every deal. i usually manage to get there before they buy evrything, but my dear fellow couponers have not been as lucky lately. you are a pro now for sure. how close are you to your goal. so excited to see pics from your hopefully soon upcoming vacation. i'm rooting for you alll the time. my hubby and i have not had a real vacation since we married so i know how you feel. keep going, you're doing great!

  4. My car broke down and I couldn't go on Sunday.... boohoo. Anyways, I think you did great. I highly doubt there will be a free roll of tp left for me. If you got the $1/1 off halls they are free after the plus up. My hubby eats these like candy.


  5. ah Debby so sorry to hear about your car!! UGHH I hate car maintenance! But guess what ... they now put a limit of 1 YES ONE on the TP kleenex etc... crap I tell you.

    RA needs to

    1. detirmine their limits BEFORE they start the sale and then publish them in the ad

    2. QUIT changing the rules in the middle of the game!! I think if they keep doing this they will lose a lot of shoppers. no one likes to walk in not knowing what the heck is going on when they are shopping.

    UGHHH to RA.

    My RA had pretty much no Christmas stuff left. Like 10 things. and 6 of them were sugar coated peeps hahaha

  6. oh and Christine ... thank you so much for being my biggest cheerleader lol but sadly, the vacation wont be happening this year. We just had too many things come up and I was not able to save enough up. Looks like we will probably end up just spending an evening in NOLA like we did last year lol