Friday, January 21, 2011

RA trip Thursday... no picture

ok so my 4 year old loves to use my digital camera.  She walks around taking pictures of the most random things ... here take a look at her work:
ceiling fan in room
best friend's feet
our dog Coco cleaning herself (nice....)
best friend

 So you see what I deal with ... half the time I go to use my camera it's dead and there are 400 pictures of her favorite cartoon stored on it.  So no picture of my RA run today. 

I got lots of 75% off stuff... everything but the Pilot pens were 75% off.  I was out near the Long Beach store so I thought I may as well pop in.  I got the following:

4 pks of Pilot pens  - $1.83 each
3 Sally Hansen nail polish remover - $0.74 each
2 Borghese fingernail polish - $2 each  ( used 2 - $1 off Q found in the store) - $1 each
1 toenail clipper (cant remember brand) - $0.74
2 fingernail clippers - $0.48 each

$0.23 + $1.07 tax = $1.30 cash OOP

used $12 in + ups and got $8 in + ups back for the pens! 
I saved $40.75

I am very happy with this.  I may go back and get a few more of those fingernail polishes... I will check my local RA first... but if they don't have them marked down yet I may just take a drive out there, It's almost flip flop season again and I need some funky colors for my toes!!   I noticed a few boxes of pasta on their shelves and tomorrow is the last day for free pasta, so yes, I will probably take another drive to Long Beach!! 

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  1. Love your post about rite's my favorite store and I could prob go