Sunday, October 3, 2010

Homecoming 2010

I have to say I really enjoyed taking pictures of the great group of kids that went to homecoming together as a group with my Moo last night!  I got over 100 great pictures.  And, so far no news is good news.  News travels fast in this town and with facebook its even faster.  We can find things out now at lightening speed, where pre Facebook days it may have taken 10 minutes!  lol So no posts about any accidents and problems with the beautiful children of our community last night!  We had 2 homecomings last night here in town (both the private and public high schools) so lots of after parties, and we all remember and know all too well that teenagers don't always make the wisest choices, heck, adults don't always make the wisest choices.  So, I am relieved to have woken up to a quiet facebook status update page. 

I am all for saving and cutting coupons, but yesterday was a day of spending $$$.  No coupons involved.  I sat with my beautiful Moo and watched her get her nails and hair done for homecoming.  $120 later, she looked like a princess.  You just can't put a pricetag on times like these.  They are priceless.  Time passes us by so fast, and we are not guaranteed a tomorrow, so make those times special.  3 hours of watching my daughter being pampered and making her feel special really is priceless.  I love my children so much and it's important to do what you can to help make special memories! 

The kids all looked beautiful and had a wonderful dinner hosted by a great family in town.  We served the kids and helped them make some awesome memories!

These 2 beautiful girls have been best friends for ever and I love them so much!

Love my Moos boyfriend too, first time for everything I guess haha\

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