Monday, October 11, 2010

My candy deal at Rite Aid

Here is the candy deal I did at Rite Aid Friday.  Definitely not my first choice in candy, but a nice little money maker!!

First transaction I bought the blow pops to see if it would even work since it wasn't an advertised + ups reward.  The candy was 2/$5 - no coupons used.  I did use $4.69 in + ups towards the payment and the rest on my gift card (oral care) to pay the balance, so no OOP was spent.  So after tax it was $5.35 and I got back $5 in + ups!!  Ok, that is awesome!  I then went and grabbed 10 more bags.  I chose the Swedish Fish and Sour Gummy Patch Kids because I had 4 coupons to burn up ($4 off 6 bags)  Unfortunately, my store didn't have enough bags.  So I bought 4 Swedish Fish and 2 Sour Patch.  Oh well... I am probably going to go buy 12 bags of Halls Cough drops with the other 2 coupons since they are $0.99 this week. 

Transaction #10 Bags of candy - sale 2/$5 -$25


$5 off $25
$4 off 6 bags coupon

Total due - $16.00
used $11.40 in +ups

total OOP $4.60 + tax

I used the remaining $1 something left on my oral gift card (wow that lasted me like 2 weeks!!!) and paid the rest OOP (less than $5.)  AND earned $24 in +ups for next purchase!  That was the best part!!!

I walked out of the door with 12 bags of candy and $24 in + ups!  love it! 

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