Friday, October 29, 2010

Rite Aid trip #2 this week

I went to get my Nivea Happy Sensations lotions.  Still none!  They delivery truck came today with no lotions!  I was not happy.  Oh well... we needed milk and tea, again.  Surely I can make a deal happen without my lotions! 

This is what i got (no picture sorry!!) 

1 gallon of milk - $2.52
1 gallon sweet tea - $2.69
NYC eye shadow - $3.99
NYC mascara - $3.99
2 NYC nail polish - BOGO free with eye make up this week - $0
2 RA brand nose spray (BOGO) - $5.49
1 can Extreme Pringles - $2.29
2 bags Wonderful Pistachios - $5.98

coupons used

BOGO NYC eye make up free
1 free can of pringles (up to $2)
2 - $1 off Wonderful Pistachios
$5 off $25
$12 + ups

paid appx $3.60 on my gift card (inc tax)
Saved $38 (ish) with wellness card, coupons and + ups.  (cant find my receipt)
spent $12 + ups
earned $5 + ups

not my best trip, but Rite Aid has the lowest prices on milk and tea in town!  we also go through lots of nose spray so I really wanted the BOGO deal!!

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