Monday, October 4, 2010

Uneventful Rite Aid... my head is just not in it this week

Ok, I needed toilet paper and Rite Aid was a good buy on the Cottonelle.  Here is my scenario:

1 12 pk Cottonelle toilet paper - $6.99
2 snack packs candy -  2/$5
1 Trident gum - $1
5 Crest w/ Scope

TOTAL - $26.44

coupons used

$5 off $25
1 - $0.50 off Cottonelle
1 - $1 off Reeses or Kit Kat RA V V coupon (sept)
3 - $1 off Crest toothpaste
2 - $0.50 off Crest toothpaste
1 - $0.50 off Trident gum - RA V V
$12.50 in + ups

total due - $2.94 + $1.15 tax = $4.09
paid for with my Oral Care rebate gift card = ZERO OOP
earned $16.45 in + ups for next visit.

Really I was happy with the outcome, but nothing has really gotten me excited about shopping this week at Rite Aid, or anywhere else for that matter.  I am sure it's just me... not my wonderful Rite Aid!  :)  they are great and I am fortunate to have gotten everything for free today and made money going in for 5 minutes!  Thank you Rite Aid for caring about your customers!  You have just spoiled me this past month ... I have gotten too used to spending $4 and saving $95!! 


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  2. Way cool for you! I never have time to find the savings. Wish I did!