Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Rite Aid Steals today!

I saved $192.37 today. Spent $0.61 on merchandise + $7.60 tax = $8.21 OOP. Started with $15 + ups and have $13 + ups left (I think a $2 + up didnt print on one receipt... I should have $15 - oh well that happens, I will take my $13 and be happy!!)  I did this in 5 transactions!

behind the Pez is a gallon of milk we needed :) those things laying down at the front are Febreze Noticeables air fresheners ... on top of the Advil is Revlon lipstick.

My haul for today: 

5 Mens Nivea Body wash
4 Ladies Nivea Body wash
2 Nivea Body lotion
10 Old Spice Body Wash
3 Old Spice Body Spray
3 Old Spice deodorant
1 box of Advil
1 Revlon lipstick
4 boxes of Ziplock bags
4 FebrezeNoticeables air fresheners
2 Pez candies
2 airheads
1 Mentos Gum
1 gallon of milk
if anyone wants to know which coupons I used just leave me a message and I will let you know.  So much work to type all this out and not even know if anyone is actually reading this lol ... I am beat and had a hard night and morning so this is all I am doing for now.  Hope you all enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Thanks!! It was fun!! I will find some place (maybe a homeless shelter) to donate some of the bodywash to!

  2. Either that OR start making Christmas baskets for this gifts this Holiday Season.

    Another great job!

    Reaping In Abundance,