Friday, October 1, 2010

A quick Rite Aid trip!

Yesterday I was so depressed because I missed the Secret deodorant deal!!  I could have gotten 3 deodorants and 3 Secret Expressions body sprays but I missed out because I forgot to go to Rite Aid and the coupons expired yesterday!  So I substituted the Secret for Old Spice.  There was a new coupon out for the same deal.  Still I really needed women's deodorant not more men's!! 

Oh well here is my deal!

3 Old Spice deodorant - $12.00
3 Old Spice Body Spray - $12.00
2 Olay Foaming face wash $4.79 + $2.39 (BOGO 50% off) = $7.18

TOTAL - $31.18

coupons used

3 wyb Old Spice deodorant get a free body spray coupon -  -$12.00
2 $2 off coupons for Olay face wash
1 $5 off $25
$10 + ups

Total due - $0.18 + $1.83 tax = $2.01
saved - $41.34
earned $10 + ups

Transaction #2  - no coupon items

I had to get Moo some false eyelashes for dance tonight because she lost hers.  I also always need water bottles so I grabbed 2 @ 75% off!

1 NYC False Eyelashes - $2.99
2 Sub Zero water bottles - $1.49 each (after 75% off) - $2.98

TOTAL - $5.97

used $4.50 in + ups

Total due - $1.47 + $0.21 tax = $1.68
saved $13.50
earned 0 + ups

Spent $3.69 on my $10 Rite Aid gift card I earned from an Oral care rebate!  So nothing out of pocket! 
And still earned another $10 in + ups! 

I am going to see if I can put together 1 more good deal before this ends tomorrow!  I have earned the P&G $10 + up 3 times this week! 


  1. You did great! And don't feel bad about losing out on deals and letting coupons expire. I am working full time now and had to throw out a bunch of 9/30/10 coupons on Thursday. My daughter lost a tooth and had blood every where... and family had to come first. By the time the drama was over it was bath and bed time. There will be more deals and we have to remember that we are doing the best we can for our family!!! Just looking at the total amount saved on the side of your blog should remind you how much you rock!!! Your daughter is beautiful and I hope that homecoming was fun!!

  2. You rock Tina!!

  3. Thanks!! I feel great about all my savings! Debby, you are right family does come first and I am still saving bunches every week so I can't dwell on the ones that "get away"! I am posting a few pictures from homecoming today!