Wednesday, October 13, 2010

LOVE my Pooh!!!

ok I have to say I just absolutely love some of the things my little 4 yr old says! 

Yesterday I was checking on my blog and I said out loud not really thinking  "I wish someone would write on my wall"  Pooh says "OH MAMA you are so silly!  You don't want someone to write on the wall!  You silly mama!!!"  It took me a second to get what she was saying ... then I chuckled and thought to myself "oh crap I hope she doesn't write all over the walls!"  So I said "No mama was just teasing I don't want anyone to write on the walls!  Mama is just being silly!!" 

Later she was BEGGING nonstop for candy.  She had already had candy and ice cream but would not stop!  After about 3 minutes of "PLEASE PLEASE MAMA I WANT CANDY PLEASE MAMA PLEASE"  without really thinking I said "No Pooh you are going to get fat if you keep eating all that junk.  I know stupid... but she is 4 I really don't think she will remember that one comment which will lead to an eating disorder at 11.   But thinking back I should have said something about cavities and a drill at the dentist lol ... anyway ... I said it and it was hanging in the air ... too late to take it back.  She looked at me and said, "But I want to be fat just like you mama" 

Oh Lord, help me... I have my hands full with her!  hahaha I love the things that come out of her mouth! 


  1. Your little one reminds me of mine. My little love told me the other day that the neighbor, who just had a baby, had a smaller stomach than me. And this was after I just finished my daily 4 mile run. Oh.... I love her, but cannot believe what comes out of her mouth. I'd like to believe that I don't look like I just gave birth.... Oh well, I pretend in my head that she must not understand what she is really saying. And you should be feeling good, I read that you just rid of clothes because they were too big!!!! Yippee for you!!!!!!!! (Sorry it is late and I am rambling.)

  2. ha I know they really dont understand. I am not sure she even knows what fat means. She probably has heard me use it to describe myself a few times and associates it with me lol ... yeah I have lost some weight, but I am a yoyo, I was at this weight last year around this time and come Mardi Gras (after the pig out season) I gained it all back. This year I am detirnined not to gain it back. I will not be baking and testing everything I make this year haha I am at 141 now. I would be happy around 130. I have a friend that is 138 and in a size 4 or 6... I weigh 3 lbs more and am about 2 inches taller and in a size 8 or 10 ... go figure... all I can think of is she works out more than I do and muscle weighs more than fat. She was mystified and made me get on the scale twice hahaha... I think she was satisfied with my muscle/fat answer though! haha

  3. ps: thanks for writing on my wall ;) lol