Saturday, October 23, 2010

Please say it's not true Rite Aid?!?!

I am reading that the $5 off $25 is being nixed! I have 5 of them in my coupon binder waiting for tomorrows amazing deals!!  When you go click on the pdf file online it comes up blank.  I have it saved to my desktop, but if Rite Aid has discontinued using them, then it wont work anyway.  This makes me incredibly sad :(  My deals will not only be at least $25 or more a week but now I have to reconfigure my buys tomorrow.  WHY RITE AID???  Was my husband right?  Did we blog and brag too much about our Rite Aid steals and now they are losing money??  I may go do a test run later today and see if my coupon works.  I have the October and November coupons saved... fingers crossed and praying for it to go through smoothly!!

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