Monday, October 11, 2010

spur of the moment money maker...

Saturday morning my husband walks in and says, Mrs Sharron is having a yard sale and wants to know if you want to set up a table and make a few bucks."  Well of course I want to make a few bucks, but the sale starts in 15 minutes.  How do you get together stuff that quick?  So my son has been growing like CRAZY the past couple of months.  I grab a few polos, button downs, shorts and pants I know didnt fit him forsure.  Then a few of Poohs clothes I knew she outgrew over the summer.  Not a ton of stuff but some of the things I could grab quick.  I hit up my closet since I have lost 20 lbs over the past 4 months and happily said goodbye to some of my size 14 and 12 clothes lol

We parted with a couple of toys, stuffed animals and older dress up items that have seen their better days...

In about 3 hours I made $50.  Sold everything for $1 ... stuffed animals $0.50.  I didnt have time to think about prices and mark it, so even though there were many items I could have gotten for more it was a nice way to clean out some of the clutter and make a few bucks.  I have never had a garage sale before.  I just donate or toss out the things I have finished using or no longer need, fit into etc...  I may do this again lol

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