Thursday, October 14, 2010

Insomnia sucks

ok, not really insomnia... my stomach is very upset.  Damn candy!!  I have been stocking up on all these free candy deals lately at Rite Aid and I couldn't stop eating it yesterday!  ughhh  My body doesn't process candy or fast food well so I am in pain and have been up since 2 am.   Too much Swedish fish!!

Yesterday my husband runs in with our 4 year old bleeding profusely from her face (nose and mouth).  It completely freaked me out at first.  I am not a calm person.  He laid her on our bed and she was screaming.  I looked at him and said "is anything missing"  all that blood around her mouth I thought maybe she knocked out or broke off some teeth.  But, he said no I don't think so.  So I ran and grabbed a wet towel and tried to wipe some of it away. 

She is screaming and crying of course, and my husband is trying to stay calm, but I can see the fear and guilt all over his face.  This is the man who has 9 lives, and has used up about 5 or 6 I am sure.  A few years ago a nail went through his thumb and I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off screaming to get in the car and go to the ER.  He pulled it out, took some duct tape, wrapped it up and kept on working. 

But this is his baby... so I took over.  Calmly to my own surprise.  I cant even pull out a tooth!!  I used to drive my kids to grandmas house when they were about to lose a tooth and have her pull it!  haha I just cant do blood!  But, I cradled her in my arms, got the bleeding under control, iced down her poor swollen face and talked to her.  It worked.  Within an hour she was jumping on the bed being her normal 4 year old self. 

Her face is bruised up and I know she will be feeling the pain more today, swollen lip, bruised nose, scraped and swollen chin  (she flew off a swing and hit an exposed tree root face first on the ground)  but she is tough... she will be ok.  Daddy though is not doing as well.  He kept talking about how loud it was when her face hit that wood.  He couldn't get the sound out of his head. 

Today I clean a house and then I may pick up a few things at Walgreens.  Not my favorite store and definitely not the deals I get at Rite Aid, but there are a couple things I could use. 

Can anyone tell me WHY don't the manufacturers put out the coupons for women's deodorant like they do men's?  I mean my son and husband are stocked up on the deodorant... me and my girls are struggling to make it til the next good Secret coupon comes out!  I may end up having to switch to men's deodorant lol

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