Friday, October 22, 2010

Life is so tough ...

I have been tossing and turning since 1 am.  Its going to be a very long day.  Well yesterday I FINALLY got my long overdue oil change.  I am surprised I did not do serious damage to my engine!  My husband has been on my butt to go get it done but there are always other things to spend money on first and I kept forgetting on top of always being broke.  I know no excuse for burning up an engine ... but if it helps ... when I went in they asked me "do you want a new inspection sticker?"  I said "Do I need a new inspection sticker?"  "They said this one expired in March"   me,  "WOW!  um yeah sure give me a new inspection sticker too then."   Which also means it had been way longer than I had realized since my last oil change!!!  7 months since my inspection sticker expired?!?!?!  They always check the inspection sticker before they change your oil!!  Now granted I do not drive 1000 miles a month, probably half that, but still.  Doesn't oil go bad anyway?  The reason I remembered to change the oil yesterday though was when I turned on my car it said "Change oil soon"  which it has been saying for months lol, but then it said "Oil level low"  oops... thats a new one!  I decided low oil cant be good.  I would rather pay $40 for an oil change than $4000 for a new engine lol. 

But my excuse is that my husband used to do all that for me!  He would bring the car in and change the oil, get inspection stickers, pick up my tabs etc... then it all stopped.  Now I am supposed to remember to do all these things myself??  He has been on my ass to get my tires rotated too!!  WTF?  When did everything change??  These were the things he did for me and he let me do things like get manicures and pedicures.  Not sure I really like the added responsibility of car maintenance to my list of things to remember and worry about. 

Yesterday I found out a friend has lung cancer.  I cant explain the deep sorrow and fear I am feeling.  Obviously nothing compared to what she feels.  She is 41 and has 3 teenagers.  14, 15, and 17.  My best friend is good friends with her and they work together ... that is our connection.  I haven't known her long.  Maybe 3 years.  But our 15 year olds are on dance team together at school and her son Joe (the 14 yr old) is friends and in the same grade and my son Joe.  We talk on fb and are very friendly when we see each other.  But we aren't close.  I volunteered to be one of her angels yesterday.  They have a network of friends that help her out.  She just found out that she has cancer on Tuesday.  But, she thought it was her back.  She missed 3 weeks of work visiting chiropractors, doctors, specialists etc... until finally got an answer this week.  Lung cancer ... started out as a back ache.  UGHHHHH   Based on some of the wording in her Dr report it suggests that it may have either originated in her bones in her pelvic region and has spread or started in the lungs and suspicious activity in the bones down by the pelvic area.  She doesn't meet with the oncologist for at least 10 days.  She has a business trip the first week of Nov and doesn't want to miss it.  So she is waiting until then to see the oncologist.  Oh a pulminologist is the one that ordered the PET scan after discovering something in the lung area after a CAT scan.  I don't know its too much for me to comprehend.  I just feel sick and want to help.  So she has a group of women stopping in to help her when she cant get out of bed or is just plain old too tired.  I volunteered to clean her house.  I am praying for her.  I am also praying she finds the strength and words to tell her children soon.  She is waiting to see what the oncologist says, but this is such a small town, I am not sure waiting 3 more weeks or so is such a great idea. 

Hug your kids and love them with everything you have.  You are not guaranteed tomorrow. 

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