Friday, September 17, 2010

Juggling too many balls

Do you ever feel like you are about to drop everything and everyone will find out you really don't know what the heck you are doing?  That's how I have felt for the past year.  I feel like I am juggling one too many balls and I am about to lose control.  I don't know why really.  It's not like I was some sort of super mom before and all of a sudden lost it.  I suppose I have been juggling for the past 20 years and am now more aware how close to the edge I have always been.  Turning 40 this year made me more wise ;)  lol

So today I think my Moo finds out if she made homecoming court.  I think.  I am confused at the whole process really.  They make it into some sort of really big deal when really its not.  Its a lot of work for the parents and about 15 minutes of fame for the children lol.  But it means something to her this year so it means something to me.  More than anything I just don't want to see her disappointed if she doesn't get it.  She has been nominated and the voting is today, I think???  I don't know.  Or maybe the nominating results are being announced today?  Its all so complicated really.  Back when I was at this school 25 years ago... if you were somewhat pretty and involved in activities and your boyfriend was a football player you were on.  No just kidding, sort of.  I mean the players voted back then, so really it was sort of that way.  Now the teachers nominate and your class votes.  So the sophomore class will be voting on 2 homecoming maids (or maybe the new politically correct term would be attendants) that were nominated by the teachers.  But she said she isn't sure if she is eligible to be on the court because she got in school suspension last week for kissing her boyfriend at the end of the day on school grounds before he got on the bus for football.  so  we shall see. 

Cleaning my only house for the week this morning and then going to try to head out to CVS in Gulfport and get some good deals if the shelves aren't bare.  Then HOPEFULLY going grocery shopping.  Time permitting.  I am starting to think it is pig slaughtering season because the past 4 weeks the pork has been marked down at incredibly low prices!  I don't really need more ... but how can you pass up $0.98 a lb pork chops, $1.48 lb for country style ribs ... etc... tons of low prices on pork.  My poor family is going to be so sick of it!!  Thankfully I still have chicken in the freezer from when that was really low!  And my freezer is getting replenished on fish too!!  We caught 60 fish in about 3 hours this past weekend.  And my husband caught 20 more last night.  They are plentiful!  The freezers are filling up fast and I am so grateful!! 

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