Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank you!

I have hit $4.00 on Ad Sense!!  :) 

Ok, on a more serious note.   I read in the paper this morning about another tragic death of a toddler left in the carseat all day yesterday while the parents were at work a few towns away.  It always triggers anxiety in me.  I, too, am guilty of forgetting my youngest daughter once.  She was not in her carseat.  I forgot her at home.  With 4 kids we are always running.  I ran too fast that day.  She was almost 9 months old.  She was sleeping in her crib and I was late for my son's baseball game.  My oldest daughter, 16 at the time, asked me to go pick her up some Taco Bell for dinner and was skipping the baseball game.  I jumped in my car with Moo and was about 1/2 mile from home when I realized I forgot Pooh.  I called Tay and told her not to leave the house that I had forgotten the baby.  I drove to Taco Bell, picked up her food and got home as quickly as possible.  In my mind I knew she was safe because she was there with Tay but I couldnt believe I just forgot her, it made me feel very panicky!  My husband and son were already at the baseball fields.

 About half an hour later we received the phone call that our house was on fire.  For over 3 years now I have had nightmares about leaving her at home and her dying in the house fire.  My husband's son (from a previous relationship) died in a house fire in 2003.  I will never get over the guilt and anxiety of forgetting her.  Thank God nothing bad happened, but when I see stories like this it triggers the anxiety all over again.   My heart aches for this family. 

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