Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Will I ever outgrow my clumsiness

I sprained my ankle yesterday morning walking from the front door to my car door.  I am 40 years old and I have sprained my ankles more times than I could possibly remember.  Today the swelling has gone down about 50% and I have no work, so that is good.  But yesterday I was on it until 2 pm and I am sure that didn't help the situation.  My scraped up knee hurts more than my ankle today, but my ego is most bruised.  It's embarrassing to be so clumsy.  Really, walking is like an extreme sport to me.  Very dangerous.  I count my blessings each day I don't fall and injure myself.  lol 

I just picked up the paper and am going to compare grocery stores.  I spent so much at Walmart yesterday I need to scale back my spending this week on groceries.   I don't need meat this week, so I may not buy any.  It will have to be a deal I just cant pass up!  But Margaret & Joe needed more contacts yesterday and my insurance only pays for 6 months worth.  So the rest of the year its on me.  So that was $60 for 1 box each!!!  I may look into that 1-800-CONTACTS.  If anyone has any feedback on that program let me know ... good or bad!  I also needed a few grocery items and didn't have my coupon book with me.  I really couldn't think about going back out to the car to get it either with my ankle looking like a baseball and barely limping around.  The only items I bought that I could have used coupons for were dog food and cereal.  The absolute most I could have saved was like $5 anyway and totally not worth the pain of going back out to the car.  So yesterday I spent like $100 on nothing which bums me out.  I mean yes, the kids need contacts, they refuse to wear glasses.  Margaret cant dance or play volleyball in glasses and Joe just hates them.  So its one of things I have given in to. 

Ok, time to look at ads, plan what I need, and then cut some of the coupons I have printed but never actually got around to cutting.  Happy Wednesday!

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