Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quick run to Rite Aid... my new favorite store!

Ok, so I have passed the germs on to my children and have 2 sick kids at home that can not breathe through their nose!  I had to run up for nose spray last night! So I got 3 more free items from Rite Aid last night.  tampons, Listerine strips and J&J Baby shampoo.  I used my $10 rebate check that came in the mail yesterday, 1 + up and $1.60(ish) in cash.  I got $7 back in + ups ... Not too bad considering the nose spray is $5 and I had no coupon for it!  I am really loving this new found passion for saving money!  With my rebate check, coupons and wellness savings that was $18.79 saved! 

I am about to hit the grocery store again.  Not as easy or fun as Rite Aid, but a necessity, I suppose.  I just wish we had Publix or another store that I could actually really see my savings add up.  Walmart is just not that fun. 


  1. I hope your family is feeling better soon!
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  3. wow 3 new followers in one day!! Was I the surprise her girl today?? lol Thanks everyone! I will return the favor!