Tuesday, September 21, 2010

WOO HOO! I have hit another goal!

I have reached my second set goal of 50 followers!!!  Thanks all!  :)  ok goal #3 will be to hit $1000 in savings ... which I may just do today if I end up at CVS lol!!  So I might as well announce goal #4 and 5 while I am here.  My new goals are to reach 100 followers and save $3000 by the end of 2010.  Totally obtainable right?  I am also going to invest in baseball card holders for my coupons.  If I am going to be serious about this ... I need some serious tools.  My envelopes are in a sad state!!  lol 

Cleaning a house this morning then off to get dog food, Margaret's new contacts and a few things we run out of during the week... tea, milk, apples, oranges and cereal!  I might possibly go to Gulfport to try this double couponing thing too.  I know I keep saying it every week, but I really really hate driving so far away.  Especially not knowing for sure that I am actually saving money by going.  I am not familiar with their everyday prices.  BUT I REALLY REALLY WANT TO TRY IT!!!  haha

Ok, so I woke up at like 3:30 and forced myself to stay in bed.  By 4:15 I gave up and got out of bed.  My tummy hurt.  I made this AWESOME dinner last night, but way too rich!  I think I over ate.  I don't normally really eat.  I pick.  Pick a little here and there and then at dinner time take a little tea plate and put some food on it.  Well not last night.  My first serving was more than normal but still a moderate size .  I inhaled it.  I did and then I went back for more.  I feel horrible!!!  oh well ... that's what I get for being such a great cook  ;)  lol 

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