Saturday, September 18, 2010

SEC football all day!

My husband is in football heaven right now!  LSU vs MS State.  Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt ... a few other too.  he will be glued in front of the tv all day.  I guess that's why he was out washing cars, doing yard work, vacuumed the rugs and then swept and washed the floors!!  He wants no distractions!  Too bad Pooh (4 yr old)  is in his face singing the Barney song and Twinkle Twinkle haha

I made my famous sausage, cream cheese and rotel dip and fried fish.  He is set for the afternoon! 

Taking Moo to Urgent Care for what looks like a possible eye infection and then Joe to his little girlfriend's house so they can go to the movies today.  3 weekends in a row??  Should I be nervous?

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