Saturday, September 25, 2010

Unplanned trip to Rite Aid

So, I stopped in to Rite Aid today just to do a little pricing for tomorrow's new ad.  I was not prepared to purchase a thing.  My coupon book was safely tucked away inside my car!  Well I strolled around the store after being greeted by my friendly Rite Aid associates.  They are really getting to know me too well.  haha

So anyway... I am casually stolling around the store and I notice 2 bags of Starbucks coffee clearance priced to 75% off!!!  $9.49 regular price.  I grab those 2 babies!  I mean whats $5 for 2 bags of coffee??  So I remember thinking I have some Starbucks coffee coupons.  Dang.  I have to grab my coupon book!  I could sweeten this deal to $1.37 a bag!  But the coupons weren't for that particular kind of Starbucks.  Oh well, $2.37 a bag was too good a deal to pass up!  Then I noticed on the other side of the aisle the Campbell tomato soup and tuna marked down 75% off too!  SCORE!  I grabbed the last 3 soups and 6 cans of tuna.  Actually a tuna melt with a bowl of soup sounds really good right now... ok back on track.  Let's see I start thinking... I might as well go ahead and use my $5 + ups to pay for this, but then I really should buy something to replace my + ups, I was planning on using them for tomorrows deal!  So I start looking around and grab a flyer. 

I decided to look in the little clearance area.  I found a Neutogena bronzer that my daughter would love marked down to $6.25 and I have a $3 off coupon  and I realized I could use that with some Garnier facial products and get my $5 back!  So I grab 2 coupons and 2 facial washes.  I am feeling pretty good now and realize I am probably really close to $25 so I could use my $5 off $25  if I just grab a few more things.  Then I remember I have been promising to pick up some make up for Moo.  So I look through my coupons and find a Rite Aid VV coupon for $2 off $6 of Wet & Wild.  Not my first choice in make up, but heck she is only 15!  And I had a manu coupon for $5 off $10 in Wet and Wild!  Ok so that's $7 off $10, yeah that's good! 

I am standing in line waiting to check out and my phone rings.  It's Moo.  She says, "Mom where are you???  I need you to come get me from dance!!"  crap.  Has it really been an hour and a half??   I told her sit tight I was about to check out.  She sighed.  Ok hurry lets get this done I have a daughter waiting for me!  So I get it all rung up and there is no $5 + up at the end.  AND it was over $52 before coupons ... so of course I am thinking "crap I could have split this in 2 and used another $5 off $25 ughh.  So I am asking for my $5 + up and they are looking at the receipt trying to figure out why it didn't print.  She calls the Wellness program.  I am starting to sweat thinking about Moo waiting on me.  So I said here just keep all this here I will be back in a few minutes.  I jump in my car and call Moo to tell her I am on my way, and she says she got a ride!  Opps bad mommy.  I told her I got her a bunch of new make up.  She is happy, and I am feeling like the worlds worst mom, using make up to try to make the fact that I forgot my daughter at the school all better!  haha oh well it worked. 

So I go back inside and the Wellness people tell her to give me a gift card.  Oh did I mention I got a $1 +up on the soup??  woo hoo... so she cant figure out how to do a gift card without actually getting cash for it.  Ten more minutes pass.  But I am trying to stay cheerful.  We finally get it straight and I am out the door.  Feeling not great that I spent so much on things I wasn't planning on buying.  But all in all it was a great deal.  Here is the break down.  

BOGO 50% off 2 Garnier facial wash - $8.98
2 Starbucks coffees 75% off - $4.74
3 Chicken of the Sea chunk white tuna 75% off  @ $0.47 each = $1.41
3 Chicken of the Sea solid white tuna 75% off  @ $0.54 each = $1.62
3 Campbells tomato soup bowls 75% off @ $0.54 each = $1.62
4 Wet & Wild cosmetics (foundation, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow) - $11.96
1 Neutrogina bronzer 50% off  - $6.25
2 Dulcolax Balance - $7.99each - $15.98
3 Halls cough drops sale - $0.99 each - $2.97

total - $49.28 (oops maybe the $52 I saw on the screen was after tax)

coupons used

$5 off $25 Rite Aid
$5 + ups
2 - $1 off Garnier facial cleanser coupons
1 - $2 off  $6 Wet & Wild Rite Aid VV coupon (Aug)
1 - $5 off $10 Wet & Wild coupon
1 - $3 off any Neutrogina cosmetic coupon
2 - $8 off Dulcolax Balance coupons
1 - $2 off 3 Halls coupon

$40 in coupons and + up.

total due - $15.60 + $3.54 tax = $19.14

saved $34.63 with my wellness card and $40 in coupons

TOTAL SAVED - $74.63

I walked out with a $1 + up on the soup and a $5 gift card! 

So, $90.23 for $15.60. 

I feel disappointed lol ... I really am getting spoiled!!

I am really getting excited about this weeks Rite Aid deals though! 

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