Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Up to $3.99!!

ok. I am up to $3.99 on Ad Sense today!!  Let's see if I can hit $4!! :)  Seriously though I think I got 4 new followers yesterday!  In one day!  That is crazy!  Wonderful, but crazy!  All from MBC! 

So last night my 15 year old comes in my room and tells me that she was nominated for homecoming court.  I am so happy for her she really wants this.  Sam on the other hand would rather not put on a suit and walk her out on the field lol... but its quite an honor in these parts of the woods  :) 

She is such a good girl, and I know she is true to her core.    She said well now (a friend) is being nice to everyone trying to get the court.  Oh well... all I could tell her was "just be yourself, people love you because you are real, baby.  If you make it great, if not at least no one can say you were only being fake to make the court."  haha it's funny how things like this are so important in high school and in a few years mean absolutely nothing ... but explain that to a 15 year old.  

And last night SHE SLAMMED at the volleyball game!!  They won the game!  She was slamming them way back by the out line but still in bounds... then everyone on the other team backed up the next time she was about to slam it over the net, so she tapped it and they got the point!  I love this little girl!  My kids have brought me so much joy over the past 20 years!  My oldest daughter won state championship in volleyball for 3 years!  Her senior year she was chosen for the All State team!!  Quite an honor for a little all girls catholic school!!  Moo goes to the public school in town and its a little bigger, but not much!  They don't have the same amazing coaches as the other school, but they have some real good talent!  I wish she had the chance to play under the same coaches that Tay did, but we chose the public school for some reasons beyond sports for Moo.  Both great schools, but sometimes small Catholic schools don't cater to everyone's individual learning style and needs. 

Moo getting ready to serve!  Watch out!! 

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