Friday, September 10, 2010

My Rite Aid trips today

Ok, I got up and brought the kids to school and headed out to clean my final house for the week, other than my own of course!!  After I finished cleaning I went to Rite Aid because they were supposed to get the Schick razors in yesterday that are on sale for $5.99.  I still have 2 $5 off coupons!  Plus I wanted to get some more of the Bio True contact lens solution ... isn't that the name??  Anyway it's $4.99 with $4 + up and I had 3 $2 off coupons!  I got one Sunday but really wanted to get 2 more since 2 of my kids wear contacts! 

I went in got the 2 Schick 5 blade razors, 2 A&H Sonic toothbrushes (not for the $5 + up, I already got that Sunday and didn't want to spend $20 just to get $5 and couldn't get anymore toothpaste coupons!!) because I had 2 $2 off coupons and its BOGO free!  That's 2 power toothbrushes for $4.99 ... awesome deal!  and the contact lens solution.  After my $5 off $25 and all other coupons it came to like $6.47 or something.  I went in to get $5 in +up coupons and they were gone!!!  I couldn't find my $8 in + up anywhere.  I was so upset.  I reluctantly paid the $6.50 took my stuff and left.  I left with over $42 worth of stuff for under $6.50 and I was disappointed.  HAHAHA 

I searched high and low and couldn't find my + ups!  I felt like I had lost a million dollars.  lol  I texted my husband at work and told him and he said "it will be alright baby"  but I didn't feel like it was going to be ok.  Do you know how much stuff I could get with that $8.  It's not like regular money!  It's magical!  You can roll it!  lol ... well I know all you people that coupon and roll your register rewards understand.

So, at 2:20 I leave to pick my kids up and school and am sitting in the car line.  I am opening my free samples that came in the mail waiting for my daughter to get out.  Tampons and pads today... nothing fun.  Then I start tearing apart my wallet just in case I missed it the first 4 times I looked.  And guess what I found my rewards!   WOO HOO!!  I felt a huge rush of relief.  So sad.  haha

When we got home Margaret comes up to me and says,  "mom can you go online and see if you can find a coupon for some hair nets, my last one ripped and I need it for dance tonight."  OMG hahaha I can not even believe she asked me that.  So knowing of course I will not find a coupon for hair nets, I said "oh it's ok, I will run up and get them, I don't need a coupon."  But you better believe if I thought for one minute I would find a coupon online I would have searched for it  :) Anyway, I grabbed my register rewards, another coupon for contact lens solution and headed to Rite Aid.  $4 for the dang hair nets ughh but I did get the $4 + up for the solution so I didn't feel too bad and picked up some make up remover wipes on clearance for $0.50.  After rewards and the coupon I spent a little over $2 because the cashier rang up the $1 rewards first and I couldn't use the last $2 reward.  That's fine.  I spent OOP $9.11 today on everything from both visits and saved over $40.  I cant remember the exact amounts and this week has knocked me on my butt so I am not going to go searching for everything... but it turned out to be a good day at Rite Aid.  I now have $10 in + up rewards to spend on Sunday and I know I will be stocking up on those free tampons!!  All those $3 ups will be great!!

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