Thursday, September 9, 2010

Needing some prayers...

ok, what is that prosperity prayer?  I need to pray it.  I don't often pray for money, but times are tough and we are needing some about now.  I am not asking to win the lottery or anything like that, just a few more cleaning jobs and maybe one person to pay for a year upfront so we can get caught up hahaha. 

Seriously, I could use a little Holy intervention here.  I never thought I would be unemployed for 6 months and yet, here I am.  I am so grateful for the 3 houses I am cleaning, but I am pulling in a month what I need to be making in a week.  That doesn't cut it.  So if we could all do some serious praying that I am able to get some more steady jobs that would be very much appreciated!!  Thanks all!  Now I am going to tidy up my house before I head off to clean another and maybe go grocery shopping!  I looked at the ads yesterday and there weren't any amazing buys, but I have a few things I must get ... cereal of course.  We have already gone through 9 of the 10 boxes I bought in the last week or so!  Yes, I have a cereal eating family! 

If you could pass along my prayer request I would be most appreciative!  Happy Thursday ... oh and I am in conflict over the Thursday night football game!  Not because half my roots are from New Orleans and the other half from Minnesota.  Simply because I have been watching Brett play football forever and I love watching him play.  No matter how big a diva he is, he is still my favorite player of all times.  But I live in Who Dat nation and it's hard not to get swept into it all.  My husband LOVES the Saints and has spent the off season making Saints stuff and decorating the outside of our house ... Moo (my 15 yr old)  says "Mom, OMG out house looks so ghetto with all this black and gold all over!!"  I just looked at her and said  "talk to your daddy"  ... it does look a little ghetto lol


  1. Hey..

    My prayers with you..sincerely..

    God Bless!


  2. hey, seems like you and i keep crossing paths. lol. there is a great class this weekend on finances. if you don't live close enough, you can attend online, and this weekend they are offering it for free. click on the link in my post about increase in your finances. i have attended several of these classes, as well as the seminar, and they are life changing. i will be praying for you and your family.